For many people, visiting a psychic can be a source of comfort in a sometimes very uncomfortable world. An online psychic reading might help you view your situation from a different perspective or reaffirm your confidence in past decisions. 

But hands down, the best psychic reading is one that offers the advice you need to hear. 

So, how do you find the best psychic reading services

While convenient, the internet does struggle with suspiciously cheap psychics and fakes masquerading as experts, making low-quality psychic readings far too common.

That’s why to save you time, we’ve done the research and narrowed down your options to five well-established, popular online psychic networks. These sites thoroughly vet their advisors and allow users to see a detailed profile for each psychic advisor, alongside their experience and past client testimonials.

Here are our top recommendations for the best online psychic sites of 2022.  


Best Online Psychic Reading Services - First Look

  1. Perfect for all questions about love and relationships - Kasamba
  2. Client-focused, compassionate readings - Psychic Source
  3. User-friendly psychic website and app - Keen
  4. LIVE psychic readings streamed 24/7 - Oranum


1. Kasamba - Best Online Psychics for Love Readings



  • Best for: questions concerning love, relationships & family
  • Popular for: tarot readings, crystal readings
  • Deals: three-minute free psychic chat + 15% OFF 
  • Pricing: budget-friendly readings
  • Refunds: 100% money-back guarantee
  • Readings via phone, chat, and email
  • 250+ screened psychic consultants
  • Detailed psychic profiles
  • Past client testimonials for all advisors


  • Overwhelming variety of psychic services
  • More experienced psychics are expensive

About Kasamba

Founded over 22 years ago, Kasamba is arguably the most well-established psychic reading service to date. They’re a popular choice for tarot card readings and have helped guide millions of people on their paths to happiness, love, and self-discovery.  

Psychics & Reading Specialties 

With over 280 online psychic readers on staff, Kasamba specializes in answering questions about love and relationships. Whether you’re single and looking for love, married, or worried your partner is cheating on you, Kasamba provides an impressive variety of psychic readings. 

  • Tarot readings
  • Angel card readings
  • Rune casting
  • Aura readings
  • Dream analysis
  • Astrology readings
  • Fortune telling
  • Crystal readings
  • Remote viewings
  • And more…

This may seem a little overwhelming at first, especially if you’re new to the psychic world. But thankfully, all of Kasamba’s psychic readers have a detailed profile listing their expertise, experience, prices, availability, and past client reviews. This will help you find out more about each advisor and get the best online psychic readings to suit your needs. 

If you’re still not sure which psychic to start with, there’s a useful Top Psychics section on the homepage. Here you can quickly find the highest-rated online psychic readers with thousands of 5-star reviews.

Best of all, Kasamba strives to ensure that only genuine clairvoyants operate via their platform. Their vetting and hiring practices are thorough, and all online psychics are screened for authenticity, skill, and experience.


While pricing on Kasamba varies from psychic to psychic, advisors are required to keep their per minute rate within the site’s guidelines. Still, we advise everyone to double-check how much your preferred psychic charges since prices can vary from £1.00/minute to over £5.00/minute. 

If you’re worried about being disappointed during your psychic session, Kasamba offers a full money-back guarantee. They also ensure your privacy is protected and advise all customers against passing on personal information to their psychics. 

Special Offers

All new clients are offered three minutes free, followed by a 15% discount should you continue with a paid reading. 

What’s more? Unlike most psychic websites, this free consultation applies to every psychic chat session you have with a reader for the very first time. This means you can “test the waters,” so to speak, with any new psychic expert for free. 

While three minutes might not seem that long, it can be just enough time to discover whether you click with any psychic medium that interests you.

Bottom Line

Finally, to wrap things up, Kasamba is considered the go-to site for all matters concerning the heart. Is he the one? When will I meet my soulmate? How can I grow closer to my partner? With over 280 Love & Relationship Advisors to choose from, you’re bound to find at least one gifted psychic able to help no matter your concerns. 


2. Psychic Source - Most Trusted Online Psychic Reading Platform



  • Best for client-focused, compassionate readings
  • Popular for love readings
  • Deals: £.80/minute introductory offer + three minutes free
  • Pricing: affordable readings from £3.99/minute
  • Refunds: satisfaction guarantee*
  • Readings via phone, online chat, and video
  • Useful “Find a Psychic” interactive search tool
  • 250+ screened psychic consultants
  • Different reading styles: wise, thoughtful, direct…
  • Previous customer feedback and endorsements*
  • 24/7 customer care center
  • Over £600,000 donated to charity


  • Unable to filter psychics by cost
  • Limited satisfaction guarantee

With over 30 years of proven success, Psychic Source is the oldest and most trusted online psychic service in existence. Psychic Source was originally founded in 1989 as a psychic hotline for solely phone psychic reading but has since adapted to meet the demands of their growing customer base. 

Now Psychic Source is a well-established online psychic platform with thousands of five-star reviews. They also offer both online chat and live video readings, in addition to the standard phone psychic readings. 

Psychics & Reading Specialties 

Second only to Kasamba, Psychic Source has over 260 online psychics and psychic mediums, specializing in numerous fields. Whether you’re struggling with money, work, your relationship, or dealing with the loss of a loved one, advisors here offer compassionate readings to help guide you through life’s difficulties. 

  • Cartomancy
  • Tarot readings
  • Reiki / energy healing
  • Astrology readings
  • Crystal readings 
  • Dowsing
  • Medium readings
  • Numerology
  • And more…

And if you have any doubts about the credibility and accuracy of their online psychics, know that Psychic Source thoroughly vets and screens all its psychics for authenticity. 

There are also different “types” of psychics to choose from, including clairvoyants, clairaudients, empaths, love psychics, psychic mediums, and more. Plus, you can view detailed profiles highlighting each psychic’s availability, star rating, reading style, tools, specialties, customer feedback, and “endorsements.” 

Customer endorsements is a new feature currently in beta mode, but it essentially allows you to endorse any advisor you’ve had a psychic reading with by subject and expertise. 

You can then see a brief breakdown totalling the number of endorsements a psychic has received. This is a great way of quickly finding out if a psychic who claims to be gifted at offering career advice actually is since you can see just how many past clients have “endorsed” this psychic in that specific area. 


Don’t worry if this seems a little daunting at first. If you have a good idea of what type of psychic reading you need, you can filter psychics by specialty, expertise, tools, availability, and even reading style.

This is not a common feature among even the best psychic reading sites and shows just how client-focused psychics here really are. You can choose either Compassionate, Direct, Expressive, Thoughtful, or Wise readings styles. 

If you’re still unsure, you can let Psychic Source decide for you instead. It can be stressful choosing a psychic for the very first time, which is why the “Find a Psychic” quiz is especially helpful if you’re new to the psychic world. With just a few questions, this feature can help you find the best online psychic reading for your needs. 

There’s also a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, great for quick readings while you’re away from your laptop or PC.


For the most part, Psychic Source’s prices are relatively reasonable but perhaps not as budget-friendly as our number one recommendation, Kasamba. Rates start from £4.99/minute and do vary from psychic to psychic, so it’s best to work out how much your reading might cost overall.  

On the upside, Psychic Source has an active 24/7 customer care team that’s not outsourced, ensuring you round-the-clock support with representatives that know what they’re doing should you have any issues. 

Plus, the website itself offers a fair satisfaction guarantee and price protection. This means if your preferred psychic ups their prices, you can keep paying their previous rate for 30-days after your last reading with them.  

Special Offers

Best of all, first-time customers are offered a £1.00/minute introductory rate across most psychics on their roster. This offer is even available with exceptionally experienced online psychics who otherwise might be too expensive. You can choose either a 10, 20, or 30-minute package, all of which also come with a three-minute free psychic reading. 

While this introductory offer does mean you have to pay to connect for your first reading, we think it’s a great way for everyone to get an affordable 30-minute session with even the most gifted advisors.

Bottom Line

To put it simply, Psychic Source is a highly trusted, client-focused online psychic service and a great option for everyone, no matter your situation. While they might not offer the cheapest prices, their introductory offer is, in our opinion, very customer-friendly. 

The site’s main focus seems to be ensuring their service is as stress-free as possible via their “Find a Psychic” tool, 24/7 support team, and compassionate online psychics. What’s more, Psychic Source actively gives back to the community. Through the Kindness Initiative Program, over £800,000 has been donated to charity. 


3. Keen - User-Friendly Secure Psychic Reading Website



  • Best for user-friendly, simple platform + iOS and Android App
  • Popular for support during challenging times
  • Deals: three-minute free psychic reading OR 10 minutes for £1.99
  • Pricing: budget-friendly readings from £1.99/minute
  • Refunds: satisfaction guarantee*
  • Readings via phone, chat, and email
  • 100% private and confidential
  • 200+ screened psychic consultants
  • Various filter tools to narrow down your search
  • Search psychics based on budget
  • Previous customer reviews for everyone to see + endorsed strengths



  • Not many unique specialties
  • Some advisors are expensive

Keen has been helping people with spiritual and psychic advice for over 20 years now. While you might say they’re a seasoned “veteran”, Keen still stands out for offering an up-to-date, user-friendly website. 

With convenient shortcut buttons, straightforward navigation, and easy-to-use search tools, finding the best online psychics for spiritual guidance and support is easily achievable. The platform has even been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan and Bustle. 

Psychics & Reading Specialties 

Keen Psychics also understands that every customer’s situation is unique to them. As such, this site features numerous tarot readers, psychic mediums, spiritual guides, astrology experts, and more. 

With over 200+ online psychics, Keen Psychics specialize in offering spiritual advice during difficult times. According to online reviews, online psychics on Keen excel at providing guidance and future readings—helpful when faced with major life decisions.  

  • Tarot readers
  • Spiritual readings
  • Life questions
  • Love & relationship readings
  • Psychic mediums
  • Astrology readings

Whether you need closure after the death of a loved one, want to create a sense of purpose in your life, or find inner peace, Keen Psychics is an all-around good option. Just bear in mind that not every psychic will conduct psychic readings in the same manner, style or directness, so dedicate a little time to finding the right advisor for you. 


Keen Psychics provides online psychic readings via phone, chat, and also email should you want to follow up with an email reading after a phone session. 

Similar to Psychic Source, Keen also allows you to filter psychic experts by category, price, star rating, skills, specialties, availability, and more. Being able to search based on price is especially helpful and can prevent you from being distracted by talented but over-budget advisors. 

What’s more, like all the sites on this list, every psychic has a detailed bio, where you can see their star rating, total number of readings given, rates, specialties, reviews, endorsed strengths, and more. Having this information at hand makes finding the right psychic in line with your needs just that little bit easier. 

If you do decide on one advisor you’d like to speak with, you can call them straight away (if they’re available), ping, or email them. There’s even a mobile app so you can communicate with your favourite psychic no matter where you are. 


Another budget-friendly psychic network, per minute rates on Keen Psychics start from £1.99/minute. And if you’re worried about being disappointed, their satisfaction guarantee policy allows their support team to credit one reading costing up to £25.00 every 30-days. Just be sure to submit the request within 72 hours of the reading. 

Special Offers

New customers get to choose between either a three-minute free psychic reading or a 10-minute reading for £1.99. Both options give you a chance to test the service and decide if the adviser you choose is a good match for you. 

Online psychics on the platform can also send up to five free minutes to customers themselves via email. 

Bottom Line

Keen Psychics is easily one of the most cost-effective platforms for online psychic readings right now. Readings start from £1.99, and you can filter your search based on price, making it easier to find an advisor within your budget. Not every site lets customers do this. 

Moreover, Keen Psychics understand that—no matter who you are—everyone sometimes needs a little support. And they have professional, trusted spiritual advisors on call 24/7 to help. Finally, the platform is one of the most user-friendly, up-to-date options available, and there’s an iOS/Android app for readings on the go.  


4. Oranum - Best Psychics for LIVE Video Readings 



  • Best for insightful psychic resources / blog
  • Popular for live-streamed psychic readings via video
  • Deals: 10,000 free coins after registering
  • Pricing: credit-based system 
  • Refunds: no satisfaction guarantee
  • Readings via chat and video
  • 24/7 live psychics available
  • Free psychic chat rooms
  • Dedicated customer service team


  • Prices not clearly visible unless you register
  • Only chat / video readings available

Oranum is a community of excellent live psychics, as well as astrological and spiritual advisors. They believe that their mission is to “provide spiritual help to people in need” and work hard to achieve this goal. 

Oranum offers one-on-one private readings as well as a subscription service that gives its subscribers access to daily updates and information from their chosen advisor. 

Oranum also provides its clients with an extensive library of videos and articles for quick and easy answers to generalized questions, including pre-recorded lessons and guided meditations.

Best of all, new users can access free live sessions and receive 10,000 coins when their credit card is validated. The coins can be exchanged for video chats, phone calls, or other perks. 


Best Psychic Readings Online - The Runner-Ups

Not all online psychic reading sites can rise to the top. However, that doesn’t mean that the following psychic sites aren’t capable of giving you the answers you are searching for. 


Here are a few sites, both free and paid, that we like:

  1. Lotus Tarot - This site offers a completely free tarot reading. No credit card or email is needed! 
  2. Tarot Card Reading and Horoscope - This site offers a free psychic app to download, but you will pay for more in-depth answers. 
  3. Trusted Tarot - You can choose up to 10 cards and receive a free psychic reading online, and you can also download their app for free. 
  4. - Get a free tarot card reading by Eva Delattre, an who is an experienced tarot card reader and a clairvoyant.
  5. Crystal Gazer - Offers a free three-card tarot card reading. While not actually a psychic reading online site, many psychic advisors and tarot card readers connect with their clients through it. 
  6.  Free Psychic Readings and Spiritual Connections - This is a Facebook group run by Alyshia, who is a medium, psychic, and shamanic healer. This group connects members with verified psychic advisors.
  7. Los Angeles School for the Spiritual Arts - You can sign up for one free psychic reading online with a student medium who will attempt to connect you with a departed loved one. 


How We Choose the Best Online Psychics


Screening Process

In light of fake psychics giving not-so-accurate psychic readings to customers – reputed psychic reading sites make sure to do extensive psychic screenings and verifications before hiring.

The reason for this is to prove the psychic’s identity, talents, and even communication skills before putting up their services on their site. This also ensures that clients only get access to the most qualified psychics.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the most direct way to know if a psychic site is trustworthy and reputable or not. In general, considerably positive reviews show that a psychic reading online service effectively satisfies its customers, while many negative reviews show that a site might not be that great. Still, a few negative reviews are not a cause for alarm.

Knowing this, we ensured that all our recommendations above allow clients to see past customer reviews on each psychic’s personal profile page. 


Satisfaction Guarantee

Top psychic reading sites are usually confident in their ability to satisfy their clients. And as a result, they tend to offer some form of a satisfaction guarantee in case a customer is unhappy or has issues during their reading.

Satisfaction guarantees can be in the form of a refund, free readings like you’d get from Kasamba—or a discount.

We read through the terms and conditions of these sites and chose those that offered some type of compensation for their customers in the unfortunate case that they were not impressed with their psychic reading online session.


Psychic Specialties 

Availability of a wide variety of readings shows that a psychic reading site is inclusive and will cater to many customers. The best psychic reading sites tend to offer more popular readings like love & relationships, finance, careers, fortune-telling, aura readings, and more.

We combed through tons of site sections to see what they offered, favoring those that offered a wide selection of readings. We were also careful to pick those online psychic reading sites that offered a good range of tools, including tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards to more antique ones like pendulums, crystal balls, and I-Ching.


Special Offers

Good psychic reading sites give new customers a welcome offer, most commonly as free minutes or a discount for their reading. These welcome packages are great for the customer to get to know the site and for them to find an online psychic reader that fits their preferences.

With this, we looked through the most popular online psychic reading websites to determine those that had the most reasonable introductory offers that would give customers enough time to get a grasp of the site and their psychics.


Best Psychic Services - Your Questions Answered?

How Can an Online Psychic Reading Help? 

That depends entirely on what you expect to get out of a psychic reading. For many, psychic readings online and in-person may provide a sense of comfort and self-awareness. Then there are some who are looking for a glimpse into the future or advice as to the best choice when faced with a major decision. 

Plus, there are many others who are trying to connect with lost loved ones to find the closure they need.


Are Online Readings Safe? 

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Most psychic websites take great care to make sure both your privacy and your financial information are kept safe. 

That being said, it’s best for your own security and peace of mind that you stick to reputable sites that have been around for a while. For instance, reputable platforms like Kasamba actively advise all customers not to hand out personal information. 


What Are the Advantages of Psychic Readings Online? 

  • Convenience: Find the support and guidance you need from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else you may be.
  • Choice: There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or out of place during a psychic reading. Thankfully, virtual readings allow you to choose when, where, and how you want to schedule your reading. If psychic readings by phone seem daunting, simply opt for an email reading.
  • Anonymity: In-person readings will never be as anonymous or private as an online chat or email reading. Even during a video reading, some online psychic reading platforms give you the option to turn off your webcam if you’re worried about privacy.
  • Cost: With everything being online these days, it’s easy to forget that we would have had to travel to a psychic session back in the day. It might not seem like it, but online psychic readings have overall lowered costs, especially if you consider free psychic readings and introductory rates. 


What “Types” of Psychic Readers are There? 

There are many different types of online psychic advisors out there—each with a different method to give you the answers you are searching for. Here are some of the more common psychic advisors:

  • Spiritual Guides work to renew your connection to yourself and the world around you and help you to live in harmony with it.
  • Fortune Tellers offer clients a glimpse of what is to come into their lives.
  • Mediums connect with and answer questions about loved ones who have passed away. 
  • Tarot Card Readers can conduct online tarot readings to both see into the future and understand the present.
  • Aura Readers, usually clairvoyants, are able to see the energy given off by our bodies in colours. Each colour has a different meaning, which they interpret.  
  • Clairvoyants often have visions of the future and may know things that can’t be attributed to our five senses.


How Do I Prepare for My Online Psychic Reading? 

  1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your online psychic reading session. 
  2. Think about what questions or issues you want to address. It may be best to write them down so you don’t have to take your attention away from the reading to remember them. 
  3. Make yourself comfortable.
  4. Relax, maybe even have a short meditation before the psychic reading.
  5. Focus your mind on the questions or issues, and try to only think of one question at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.


What If I Don’t Know What Psychic Advice I Want? 

Thankfully, many psychic reading sites offer free online psychic readings, chats, or conversations to help you figure out what type of spiritual or psychic guidance you are in search of. 

Some, like Psychic Source, have a series of questions for you to answer to help you figure out what type of psychic reading best suits your goals. 


Do I Need to Be Alone for My Psychic Reading Online? 

While there are a few situations in which more than one person can participate in a reading, they are usually done face to face. 

For your online psychic reading, both you and your advisors need to be able to concentrate fully. Therefore, other people may make it difficult for your advisor to get a clear reading, and you might struggle to focus or, more importantly, be honest with your advisor. 


Final Verdict - Where Can I Get Professional Psychic Readings Online?

Like most things in life, it may take some trial and error before you find the psychic reading service that works best for you. 

But first, if you do decide that connecting with a spiritual or psychic advisor is the right choice for you—it’s important to take the time to find the right one. 

If you are looking to find a way to forge ahead and become the best version of yourself, then consider Kasamba. The site offers a ton of services like love and relationship readings, aura healing, and even rune casting.

Alternatively, Psychic Source is a good place to start if you’re looking for a well-established psychic network with gifted, honest advisors. Not only has Psychic Source been offering accurate psychic readings for over 30 years, but you can search readers based on their personal approach: wise, thoughtful, direct, etc. 

Keen, on the other hand, might be a better fit for those in need of support during tough decisions and perhaps the less tech-savvy individuals out there. Keen’s platform is super convenient, straightforward to use, and there’s always someone online to connect with.

Whichever site you choose, trust your gut. You’ll also need to decide how you’d prefer to speak to your psychic, either via email, online chat, a phone call, or live video session. Most psychic networks don’t offer all of these communication channels, so be sure to check beforehand before you sign up. 

With all that being said and done, we hope you were able to find the best psychic mediums, spiritual guides, psychics, and tarot readers from our list today.

Good luck!

This article is supplied by PlayTogga and is not necessarily representative of the views of The Herald