The Biathlon provides some of the toughest tests of endurance at the Winter Olympics, but what are the rules?

Men and women can both compete over four different distances, with a relay for both men and women, and a mixed relay event as well.

How does Biathlon work?

The Biathlon combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, as athletes go head-to-head in a race, putting their stamina and precision to the test.

All 11 Biathlon events will take place at the National Biathlon Centre in Zhangjiakou.

Athletes start the races in 30 second to one-minute intervals and must stop four times to shoot at five targets with a rifle.

Every shot that misses a target will result in a one-minute time penalty to their skiing time.

The shooting stops will alternate between prone and standing positions.

The athlete with lowest time to complete the course, once penalties are added, will be the winner.

Which Team GB members will be competing in Biathlon?

There are no Team GB members competing in The Biathlon at this year’s Winter Olympics.

When to watch Biathlon at the Winter Olympics

February 5

  • Mixed Relay 4x6km, 9am (gold medal event)

February 7

  • Women’s 15km individual, 9am (gold medal event)

February 8

  • Men’s 20km individual, 8.30am (gold medal event)

February 11

  • Women’s 7.5km sprint, 9am (gold medal event)

February 12

  • Men’s 10km sprint, 9am (gold medal event)

February 13

  • Women’s 10km pursuit, 9am (gold medal event)
  • Men’s 12.5km pursuit, 10.45am (gold medal event)

February 15

  • Men’s 4x7.5km relay, 9am (gold medal event)

February 16

  • Women’s 4x6km relay, 7.45am (gold medal event)

February 18

  • Men’s 15km mass start, 9am (gold medal event)

February 19

  • Women’s 12.5km mass start, 9am (gold medal event)