ITV’s Dr Ranj Singh has revealed he was robbed on his way home from the BRIT Awards.

Dr Ranj, who regularly appears on This Morning offering medical advice to viewers, has spoken out revealing he had his watch nicked.

The 42-year-old shared his terrifying ordeal on Instagram and said that he was thankful that he “wasn’t hurt at all.”

ITV’s Dr Ranj speaks out on robbery after the BRITS

He said: "I had the BEST night last night. Sadly, on my way home from Soho when I was walking to get a taxi, I was approached by a man who robbed me.

"It all happened so quickly and luckily I wasn't hurt at all (the git stole my watch though), but it could've been so much worse."

"I foolishly chased after him, but he got away. I now know that's not a good idea as sometimes these people will lead you into a trap.

"I wasn't going to say anything because I felt stupid and a little bit embarrassed, but after speaking to some friends I thought it might just serve as a reminder: please be careful when coming home at night, even in spaces you think are safe."

He concluded: "Look out for each other peeps x."

Before the awards, he has posted his excitement to be heading to the ceremony.

He said: OMG! I’m SO EXCITED because tonight I get to go to THE BRIT AWARDS!! I’ve never been before and have always watched from home and had massive FOMO!