New footage has emerged from an airport near Kyiv which appears to show the world's largest plane on fire in the background. 

The Antonov An-225 Mriya is based at Hostomel airport about an hour's drive from the Ukranian capital. 

The engineering marvel  - the only one of its kind in the world - has been stranded at the airbase since the fighting began and has already been reported to have been destroyed. 


Hostomel airbase has been the scene of fierce fighting since it was stormed by Russian elite forces on the first day of the war.

The short film posted online today shows what has been claimed to be a counter-attack by Ukranian forces which damaged a number of Russian military vehicles. 

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As the video starts, a huge hanger in the background is visible housing a smoking ruin displaying the same yellow-and-white livery of the Antonov An-225. 

It is impossible to tell if the plane was already wrecked before the most recent fighting, or if it was intact until now. 

The airport was struck by missiles prior to the attack and has reportedly been shelled by Ukrainian forces in the days since.

The six-engine Anotov An-225 weighs 314 tonnes and has a wingspan of 88 meters.  

The aircraft was used to transfer the Soviet Buran spacecraft and has been invaluable in tranporting large amounts of humanitarian aid around the world at short notice during emergencies.

On 11 June 2010, the An-225 carried the world's longest piece of air cargo, two 42.1 m (138 ft) test wind turbine blades from Tianjin, China, to Skrydstrup, Denmark.