Suffering from hair loss? Then Seneca Medical Group, with clinics and diagnostic centres in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Athens and Thessaloniki, is here to solve the problem using the latest technology and procedures.

Have you noticed that your hair starting to thin? Has it become more intense recently? Thinking of a hair transplant, but something stops you? Is it because you are not properly informed? This is where Seneca Medical Group comes in to allay your fears. Hair loss and thinning folicles affect men and women, who might not only feel that such loss is unsightly aesthetically but are also emotionally impacted, leaving many struggling to come to terms with their hair loss.


Certainly, proper information and knowledge on the subject is necessary – and when it comes to hair transplants, Seneca has 35 years of experience – with its doctors and technicians having performed countless hair transplantations across Europe. Seneca Medical Group clinics can permanently improve the amount of hair you possess and its texture.

With extensive research, methodical diagnosis and effective treatment, the firm prides itself on innovation and employing the latest breakthroughs in the industry – having invested in state-of-the-art facilities and innovative hair treatments in order to solve the problem of hair loss in all affected areas, from head to body.


Seneca Medical Group’s innovative noninvasive hair consultation allows for real time analysis technology that immediately pinpoints the key assessment areas for hair loss treatment. Following any recommended treatments, the progress and success of these can then be assessed and shown to the patients using advanced software. Seneca Medical Group also utilise the the latest camera technology for unrivaled image quality and better results.

This involes a high edge photobooth with custom background, circular LED lamp to regulate the lighting environment and foot markers so that each shot captures the same exact distance and patient positioning. Seneca Medical Group also use the most advanced online diagnostic systems, simplifying the patient intake process and making digital data collection easy by using simple online patient forms.


The Seneca Direct FUE hair transplant system uses healthy hair follicles, which are implanted one by one directly to the thinning area. The clinic only chooses and transplants healthy hair follicles from the donor area of the head or other parts of the body, which will then grow naturally for a lifetime.

The entire procedure is performed only by doctors trained and certified by Seneca Training & Research Centre, and under strict Seneca Quality Standardization Protocols, to ensure great results every time.


With a special tool, the Implanter, Seneca Medical Group can completely control the direction, depth and the angle of placement of each hair follicle. The transplanted hairs continue to grow for lifetime and do not fall out, resulting in an absolutely natural result. 


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