Footage of a man appearing to carry out a firebomb attack on the Kremlin in Moscow has been circulating on Russian social media channels.  

The short film shows a man throw a burning object against the walls of the palace, which serves as President Vladimir Putin's official residence. 

As the attacker attempts to throw the bottle over the wall of the well-guarded fortress, it smashes against the bricks - causing a small fire and leaving a massive scorch mark. 

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Several smaller blazes were also seen on the grass beside the wall. 

The clip - which is just seconds long - has already racked up 250,000 views on TikTok. 

Its caption reads, "Moscow, Kremlin" in Russian. 


The building is a fortified government office in the heart of Moscow. The attack was shared by local media outlets, including Belarusian media channel NEXTA Live.

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The attack comes after more than 15,000 people have been detained for demonstrating against Russia's war on Ukraine, according to independent human rights body OVD-Info 

Despite the constant threat of arrest in Russia, thousands of Russians across the country have protested against Putin's war in Ukraine. 

Last week, 467 people were detained in Moscow for protesting  against the invasion as Moscow clamps down on antiwar demonstrations.   

A journalist with AFP, who was present at a protest in the capital Moscow on Sunday, witnessed at least a dozen arrests. 

They added that police were taking away anybody without press papers.