Stunning captures of Scotland's outdoors have been celebrated at the Scottish Nature Photography Awards. 

Landscape photographer Darren Cole was named overall winner of the annual awards with a dramatic image of a muirburn.

The controlled fire to burn away vegetation is seen below snow-covered peaks on the Isle of Harris in the picture titled Ice and Fire.

HeraldScotland: Ice and Fire, Darren ColeIce and Fire, Darren Cole

Speaking about the win, Mr Coll said he was "thrilled" after the image was awarded both first place in the environmental category and overall in the competition. 

He said: "As a seasoned landscape photographer, I'm used to spending hours walking on the beaches and mountainsides near my home, looking for that elusive, perfect shot. 

"So it was with some irony that the scene from which Ice and Fire was created, appeared by chance on my doorstep."

Meanwhile, in the under-18s category an Inverness schoolgirl had her second shot at the spotlight. 

Kaitlyn Clark, 11, was named Junior Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2021 for her photograph 'Peregrine Playtime' after winning the title for the first time at eight years old. 

HeraldScotland: Peregrine Playtime by Kaitlyn ClarkPeregrine Playtime by Kaitlyn Clark

The 11-year-old said: “This was taken near Inverness on a day out with my dad. We were super lucky to have a family of peregrines feeling comfortable enough near us that they started playing and practising for life - this picture I believe to be two youngsters playing with each other.

"It took me a bazillion attempts to catch anything like this, never mind keeping it in frame with such a big lens.”

The student category was won by a final year HND Photography student at New College Lanarkshire Murronrose Dunn. 

Her portfolio of three images on the theme of motion, Passing Time, focuses on freezing the motion of water in three landscape locations from noon to dusk. 

The student said the photographs were taken when Covid-19 restrictions prevented her from travelling further than Glencoe. 

She added: "They were also a moment to just connect with nature and step back from the world.

"Each image focuses heavily on water and freezing the motion to create a smoothed out milky effect."

HeraldScotland: Passing Time © Murronrose DunnPassing Time © Murronrose Dunn

In the sea and coast category, Glaswegian Sandy Gilmour impressed with her shot of a duck chasing a mayfly. 

HeraldScotland: Mallard Duckling Chasing a Mayfly © Sandy Gilmour, Glasgow Mallard Duckling Chasing a Mayfly © Sandy Gilmour, Glasgow