A GROUP of climate activists deflating tyres on SUVs have warned drivers they intend to continue targeting the vehicles until politicians ban them in urban areas.

The 'Tyre Extinguishers' claim their aim is to "make it impossible" for drivers to own an SUV in urban areas across the globe. 

It comes as Edinburgh members of the group targeted more than 30 of the vehicles in the city's coastal suburb of Portobello overnight on Sunday, May 8.

The group claimed the air was let out on the SUVs in a direct message to newly elected politicians after Scotland's local council election. 

A spokesperson said: "Edinburgh's politicians have been elected with promises to take action on the climate crisis, on air pollution and on road safety.

"But their plans go nowhere near far enough. Our message to them is: Take real
action, or we'll take it for you."

The 'Tyre Extinguishers' have claimed responsibility for such attacks across both the UK and further afield including incidents in Germany, Switzerland, the United States of America and New Zealand. 

Drivers of the targeted vehicles have been left with leaflets stating "your gas guzzler kills". 

The group informed the Herald Scotland they are aiming to target a total of 10,000 vehicles in the UK alone by the end of this year "hopefully far more than that worldwide". 

Justifying the vandalism, the group blasted SUVs as "unnecessary luxury emissions" that are "a climate disaster". 

They announced plans to continue the action until they see "bans on SUVs in urban areas, pollution levies to tax SUVs out of existence, and massive investment in free, comprehensive public transport". 

Police Scotland confirmed an investigation was underway into a number of cars being deflated in Edinburgh.  

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are carrying out enquiries after reports that a number of car tyres were deflated in Edinburgh recently.”