Another round of Covid-19 booster vaccines could be on the table for those most vulnerable to the virus. 

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has given interim advice that another dose of the vaccine is provided some groups in the autumn.

These groups include care home residents, frontline health and social care workers, those aged above 65 as well as those above the age of 16 who are more vulnerable to severe illness from Covid. 

The advisory committee warned that the winter season could increase the threat of coronavirus spreading. 

Following the advice, the Scottish Government has pledged to “work closely” with health boards in the planning of a further Covid vaccine booster campaign.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf welcomed "the interim advice from the JCVI that, in order to maximise protection in those most vulnerable to serious illness, Covid-19 booster vaccines should be offered to certain priority groups from this autumn”.

He said: "Prioritising those most at risk has been our approach from the outset.

“We will work closely with NHS boards to plan for this booster campaign in line with this interim advice and we stand ready to act on any further advice on offering boosters to additional groups in the future.”

The chair of the Covid vaccination on the JCVI Professor Wei Shen Lim said the advice comes to allow for care home and the NHS to plan ahead for the jab rollout.

"Last year’s autumn booster vaccination programme provided excellent protection against severe COVID-19, including against the Omicron variant," he said.

"We have provided interim advice on an autumn booster programme for 2022 so that the NHS and care homes are able to start the necessary operational planning, to enable high levels of protection for more vulnerable individuals and frontline healthcare staff over next winter.

"As we continue to review the scientific data, further updates to this advice will follow."