Assuming you are looking for yield farming platforms with rising volumes, you must be wondering about the best place to start. How about right here? Earning yields on crypto is one of the top ways to generate returns without breaking a sweat, and we are just as immersed in the topic as you are.

Our research for the best platforms to maximize farming yields ended with the top five sites to generate income from crypto holdings without active trading. Suggested platforms simplify the navigation through the DeFi space, ensuring you can start yield farming crypto effortlessly and under favourable conditions. When planning a passive income strategy for May 2022, conder the top five crypto investment options below.


Top Yield Farming Platforms to Use in May 2022


We bring you some of the best DeFi yield farming platforms to invest in. You can get started right now if you have some crypto lying around, as yield farming is an excellent alternative to just locking your crypto up in a wallet.

  1. AQRU – Leading Yield Farming Crypto Platform for 2022
  2. eToro – Best for Generating Yields from Staking Coins
  3. BlockFi – Crypto Yield Farming Platform with the Best Interface
  4. SushiSwap – Offers the Most Blockchains to Yield Farm
  5. Balancer – Best for Avoiding Impermanent Loss




AQRU may not come to mind first in the context of growing digital assets through yield farming, but the platform broke through and landed on top of our list. Can you believe it?

We can confirm that towers above many resembling platforms. It has many advantages, such as no lock-ins, no fees on buying crypto, and no fees on fiat withdrawals. 


You’ll find AQRU offering multiple DeFi services that can allow you to harvest returns and use them to grow additional returns. The service has been available since December 2021, receiving significant demand from retail and institutional investors as it turned out to be a hassle-free solution to access the decentralised markets.

An investor like you can join the platform and use cryptocurrency holdings to stake assets with the decentralised AQRU exchange to earn yield. AQRU platform supports various crypto yield options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins.



Since yield farming is a passive investment strategy, focusing more on the long-term approach, the results will depend on your time, risk tolerance, and related financial circumstances. That’s why it’s lucrative to yield farm stablecoins with AQRU. Their value is pegged to an underlying fiat currency and AQRU gives you the chance to increase your holdings of USDC in your portfolio. 

AQRU’s user interface is straightforward and a pleasure to navigate, whereas the yield rates are among the highest on the market. There are no lock-in periods to worry about, which is rare in the crypto yield farming scene. Needless to say, the longer you hold assets, the bigger the rewards.

Another highlight of the AQRU yield farming system is the absence of tiers. You get high APY rates for any balance size. AQRU provides dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android users and voids most fees you’ll encounter with other yield farming platforms. Buy crypto on AQRU, and you won’t pay any commission.

After completing the registration and verification protocols, you can start benefiting from AQRU digital currency investment services. Press the “Invest” button, allocate your funds to a selected pool, and receive returns in the same currency you had allocated. Come back later to see your AQRUing results.





The best yield farming crypto sites boast safety. Therefore, we couldn’t omit eToro from the list. eToro is a multi-asset investment platform that focuses on building a community of knowledgeable traders. The platform offers multiple products, including copying top traders, building portfolios, staking crypt, and using an earnings reports calendar.

You won’t find yield farming directly on eToro, but crypto staking you can do on the site is a form of farming crypto yields over time through careful planning and investing. Furthermore, eToro’s options for earning yields lean towards healthy alternatives to BTC and ETH. Instead of these popular coins, you can stake Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX) coins and collect yields.

eToro offers competitive returns on farming crypto, but low-tier members should be aware of notable cuts going to the provider from all yields.




A BlockFi account gives you access to various services and cryptocurrency investment opportunities. We particularly like the platform’s simple, easy-to-digest interface. Even if the provider wishes to present itself as a specialist in the crypto-interest earning sphere, the site is free from clutter and approachable for beginners.

Apart from straightforward crypto yield services, BlockFi encompasses conventional trading accounts, allowing you to buy and sell digital assets and earn something extra on the side. BlockFi Interest Accounts (BIAs) appeal to most crypto holders due to their monthly compounding crypto interest.

Should you decide to store your crypto with BlockFi, you can count on market-leading yields. However, remember that the platform uses a tiered interest structure. So, whether you choose to farm yields on your BTC, ETH, LTC, or LINK, your APY will depend on the tier.



SushiSwap is getting more recognised in yield farming, aka liquidity mining. The platform debuted in August 2020, allowing users to discover numerous benefits of DeFi. For example, instead of solely trading tokens all day long, SushiSwap also enables users to earn a portion of the transaction fees for providing Sushi’s liquidity.

Users of the SushiSwap platform have access to pools of pairs of assets for buying and selling crypto. They can also remove or add liquidity. The service pays out 0.25% of each trade in a pool to liquidity providers. As a liquidity provider on Sushi, you grow SUSHI token rewards which don’t have any vesting or lockup period.

The SushiSwap site is a rare place where you can effectively stack three yield types on top of each other: protocol usage, network tokens, and leverage demand.



Balancer became known in the crypto trading world for offering decentralised trades at optimal prices. In addition, investors swarmed the platform due to portfolios that generate yield and rebalance automatically.

BAL is the native governance token of Balancer, and you can earn it through the provider’s liquidity mining program. You don’t even have to manage your pools manually since Balancer has an automated portfolio management feature. Balancer distributes 145,000 BAL to users who provide liquidity to any of the pools every week, planning to distribute 7.5M BAL to LPs every year.

In the short term, you can potentially earn higher trading fees. However, the trading fees reduce if you side with the long-term model to maximize BAL earnings. Thanks to its elegant design and the fact it allows users to adjust allocations to fit their needs, Balancer rounds up our list of the top crypto yield farming sites for May 2022.


Closing Thoughts


Yield farming crypto is not new, but not everyone runs at the same pace. It’s not too late to get started with crypto yield farming, especially if you know where to begin. The benefits of liquidity mining are on par with any other passive crypto-earning method, including staking or plain trading.

AQRU is ideal for crypto virgins who want to avoid lock-ins and fees on buying crypto assets. Take advantage of the opportunities that DeFi has to offer, starting with AQRU and then moving on to other, more complex yield farming options. This May, you can complete a yield farming strategy for 2022. Go for it!



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