DC Singh is a name synonymous with unwavering passion and dedication to a vision.

Owner and founder of the brand Edinburgh Cashmere and Edinburgh Lambswool, Didar Singh Chalana, popularly known as DC Singh, has successfully carved a name for himself in the high-end fashion retail industry in the UK.  

He has launched six successful businesses in the UK that have quickly put the young entrepreneur on the world map.

Edinburgh Cashmere has been a market leader when it comes to high-quality lambswool and cashmere apparel in the UK and other countries due to its high-quality fabric and fashionable designs.  

The Herald:

The Herald:

Edinburgh Cashmere: The Choice of Fashion Icons  

Edinburgh Cashmere has garnered attention and interest from Europe and other countries for its unique designs and impeccable quality for cashmere and lambswool products.

The company works with some of the oldest mills in Scotland and other sources to create high-quality products.  

The production process at Edinburgh Cashmere is divided into 35 unique steps that give the product its final shape resulting in the highest quality, softest cashmere and lambswool that is a delight to wear.  

Edinburgh Cashmere is known for its unique and iconic designs that set the person wearing them a class apart.

The company is one of the leading manufacturers and producers of high-quality cashmere and lambswool scarves, stoles and capes for men and women. The wide variety of designs and colours are suitable for all ages and occasions.  

The high-end luxury brand collaborates with clients from France, Italy, Japan and Uk, to mention a few. The company is supplying  merchandise to premier football clubs as well. DC Singh is  the first person to manufacture 110 tartan clan scarves through their wide range of products. 

Edinburgh Cashmere is Set to Launch in Dubai  

The high-end fashion apparel brand, Edinburgh Cashmere, is set to open its first retail outlet in Dubai that will introduce its high-quality apparel to the stylish residents of the region. The shop will open in Dubai Mall. 

Established in 2014, Edinburgh Cashmere was followed by other successful business ventures by DC Singh. These include Clans Cashmere, DC Designs, and DC Milan, all of which are growing exponentially. Each business by DC has successfully made a name for itself in fashion industries across the globe.  

DC Singh has extensive experience in wholesale and has personally invested his time and energy to elevate the businesses to where they are today. His dedication and tireless hard work to produce the best quality cashmere and lambswool products has been the prime reason behind the brand’s success.  

Edinburgh Cashmere will soon expand further with retail outlets in Paris, Milan, and New York, making 2022 an exciting year of growth for the company. 

The Herald:

The Herald:

DC Singh Discusses Inter-Seasonal Dressing 

As the brand is working tirelessly to launch in the UAE Market, we chat with the man himself, DC Singh, and seek his advice for inter-seasonal dressing. As the weather alternates between hot days and cold nights, it can be tough to decide how to style one’s clothes. A coat can be good for one day, but it could be too hot the next day. What’s a happy balance for inter-seasonal dressing?  

According to DC Singh, it’s the perfect time to pull out your scarves, capes, and stoles as they can cater to unpredictable weather conditions. They’ll make you look effortlessly chic and sophisticated at the same time.  

Pure cashmere and lambswool scarves, stoles and capes are available through Edinburgh Cashmere and Edinburgh Lambswool, offering optimal comfort and chic looks. The brand’s distinctive jacquard prints, monogram design and the block colour option is great for those who like keeping things minimalistic.  

Edinburgh Cashmere pure wool products adhere to the highest quality standards. The company has been the market leader because of the diversity of designs and quality of products. 

The Herald:

The Herald:

Top Picks from Edinburgh Cashmere  

As the weather across the globe becomes unpredictable, it can be hard to decide what to wear each day and still look stylish. We recommend stocking up on Edinburgh Cashmere accessories for an effortlessly chic look. Here are our top picks from the store:  

DC Classic Check Cashmere Scarf  

The DC Classic Check Cashmere Scarf is a wardrobe staple, especially for spring. The 100 percent cashmere scarf in grey checks serves as the ultimate style statement while also soft to the touch.  

DC Classic Check Scarf  

The DC Classic Check Scarf is a beautiful piece in your wardrobe. It’s perfect for layering and adds style points to your outfit with minimal effort. The DC Classic Check Scarf is made from pure lambswool, and the timeless design will always remain in style. 

Edinburgh Cashmere Cape  

The Edinburgh Cashmere cape is a class apart. It offers timeless sophistication and will last a lifetime. Made from pure, high-quality lambswool; the Edinburgh Cashmere Cape is comfortable, soft, and stylish. 

DC Stole  

DC Stoles are versatile and a great alternative to wearing a scarf. You can use the DC Stoles as a lightweight cover-up in all seasons. The premium quality DC Stole made from pure lambswool is a wardrobe must-have.  

DC Monogram Reversible Scarf  

The iconic monogram design is synonymous with Edinburgh Cashmere. This lightweight, extremely soft and luxurious scarf reflects the finest craftsmanship. The unique monogram design is a true statement piece, fit for all occasions and seasons.   

Thistle Classic Reversible Scarf  

The pure lambswool thistle classic reversible scarf is a great pick to brighten up those gloomy winter days. You can pair it with jeans or wear it over a dress, and its unique design is perfect for every occasion. 

Milano Scarf  

The Milano scarf features sleek stripes that are great for pulling off a casual or formal look. The subtle details allow for making a fashion statement. The pure lambswool scarf is a good wardrobe addition for all seasons.  

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