Across the last two weeks of July, Scotland will be alive with interactive inspiration with The United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration (UNBOSI) making their MUSE processing sites open to the public. Between the 21st - 24th of July in City Square, Dundee, and 28th - 31st July in George Square, Glasgow, members of the public will be invited to help UNBOSI marbleologists infuse inspiration into marbles, ready to be given to the worlds leaders.

After discovering that Scotland was rife with inspiration brought about by Micro-Molecular Unseen Sensory Emanations (MUSE), UNBOSI marbleologists have been working to harness as much of the substance as possible. To do so, they have developed specialist equipment to trap MUSE in marbles, in order to give them to people who may have lost their own. This equipment, known as Marble Experience Exposure Machines - or MEEMs - are large-scale kinetic machines situated over MUSE hotspots that move marbles through different elements, sealing the inspiration in. “It’s an unbelievable piece of science” says Roger Hartley, UNBOSI Executive Director. “We have had experts developing this
technology for decades and we are very excited to share it with the Scottish public”.

Members of the public will be able to enter the MUSE trapping sites, which will be set up in the city centres of Dundee and Glasgow, and assist with processing inspired marbles. They’ll be able to witness and interact with the MEEMs, including a 4 metre fire-tower and a waterfall cascade, among others. Once the marbles have been fully charged with inspiration, they’ll be distributed to conservative, uninspired, negative thinkers who are most in need of inspiration. But it doesn’t end there; there’s also two Guinness World Records attempts to be made.

“Marbles hold inspiration best when they’ve been exposed to experiences” says Dr. Sidney Rann, senior UNBOSI marbleologist, “and with so much inspiration we thought we could offer these marbles the chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime, world-record breaking experience”.

UNBOSI is poised to set the World Record for Largest Loop-de-loop completed by a marble in Dundee on July 24th, and the Longest Track to Track Jump made by a marble in Glasgow on July 31st. “We’re asking everyone to come down and cheer these marbles on; bring your marble runs and your own inspired marbles and let’s all set these records together”.

For more information and to plan your visit to UNBOSI’s MUSE trapping sites, visit