The sun has got its hat on, and you want to sink that drink.

But there's one thing standing between you and that fancy cocktail, or super-duper BBQ red to turn your beggar's banquet into a gourmet cookout - having to think twice before pulling out your debit card.

Especially - if like most of us - you're having to scrimp and save, but don't want to sacrifice on flavour. You need something that goes great with whatever you have in the social calendar - and you'll want to drink again, and again.

So here's what's past the tipple test and put us in a sunny mood...

1. Canned cocktails

It's official - canned cocktails are chic! They've been clattering down the canning line for some time now, but such is the popularity (and quality) of ready-mades, Aldi's Stefanoff Passion Fruit Martini Cocktail, £0.89, (250ml, in store), was a resounding winner at the BBC Good Food Drinks Taste Awards 2022, voted best ready-to-drink tropical cocktail. Plush with passion fruit flavours, pull the ring and drink in island time.

2. Kir Royale

A Kir Royale may be one of the swishest drinks on a cocktail list, but you don't have to splurge on champagne for a taste of the high life. Spanish cava's not the most fashionable fizz but the bubbles are made in the traditional method just like champagne, without the hefty price tag.

Dry and bursting with freshness, you can pick up a bottle of Tesco Cava Brut Non-Vintage, priced £5.85, along with a swathe of other cracking good cavas out there. Add a teaspoon of creme de cassis (Sainsbury's have one for £8) to the bottom of the glass, top with cava and garnish your flute of fancy with a strawberry.

3. White Amaretto

If you love the taste of sweet almonds, this pearly white nectar from Puglia will switch up your cold brew in a snap. An alternative to classic, cream liqueurs, Adriatico Bianco Amaretto, £7 (50cl, Harvey Nichols) is light enough to be sipped in the sunshine (serve straight over ice), mixed in a tiramisu cocktail, or budding baristas will love its silky almond notes aligned with a double espresso.

4. Rebujito cocktail

When it's swelteringly hot and you need a super refreshing spritz, a sherry cocktail should be your go-to. A rebujito is made with fino sherry - one of the most underrated, best value, food friendly wines out there.

Refreshing to be sure, fino is a crisp, dry, tangy white wine made from palomino grapes with subtle hints of almond and bready notes - and delicious appetizer served ice cold.

Best of all, supermarket own-label sherries are a steal. Even Waitrose have one for £7.69 (75cl), and Tesco's 1 litre bottle is £7.50. To rustle up a Rebujito, half fill a tall glass with ice, pour 60ml fino sherry, top with fizzy lemonade (such as Sprite), garnish with peppermint leaves.

5. Coconut Rum Punch

Let's face it, there are shedloads of rums out there, but if you really want a taste of the tropics, where you can pretend you're in a tiki bar and can almost hear the rustling of palm leaves, coconut rum is where it's at.

What's more, a big batch of rum punch is always a crowd pleaser.

Start with a coconut flavoured spirit such as CocoCariba Tropical Alcohol Caribbean Rum and Coconut Flavours, £5.95 (70cl), Sainsbury's. Add a splash of orange juice, pineapple juice, dash of grenadine and top with ginger ale.

6. Red wine that won't break the bank

Whether you're new to the world of wine or a wine enthusiast, some days you just want a delicious red where you don't have to worry about the eye-watering price.

A wine you're happy to share with friends or family, and let it flow as freely as the conversation - without blinking an eye if someone asks for a top-up before you've had a chance to grab your glass and flip the burgers.

Meet Taparoo Valley Australian Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, priced £3.99, Tesco. With sun-kissed cherry and plummy fruit, hint of spice and smooth, fruity finish, this is a great choice for a cheap red. The wine also chimes with an ice bucket and can be served lightly chilled, the stylish way to serve summer reds.