FORMER Scotland winger Kenny Logan has revealed he has been treated for prostate cancer.

The 50-year-old said the diagnosis had come out of the blue and he had surgery earlier this year.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, he recalled: “I got a wellness check and sat down with the guy. He said to me: ‘Everything’s fine, your hormones are fine but your prostate is high.’

“I got checked and very quickly, within three or four months, I had biopsies. There was something there but we’d just keep an eye on it.

“This year, February 7, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer which was a huge shock. I ended up deciding to take it out so I’m three months since the operation, had the prostate out and I’m probably 95% back to normal.

“It was hard because when you’re told you’ve got cancer… I didn’t see it coming. No symptoms whatsoever.”