Where is it?

Lossit Bay, Islay.

Why do you go there?

Amazing and happy memories of halcyon childhood days. Lossit Bay is stunning. We would rush to the water, but it was so cold that you couldn’t really swim in it.

My brother, sister and I would swim in the rock pools which were like wee heated swimming pools. That was too long ago, and I’m determined to revisit it soon. I associate Islay with the summer.

My mum was a teacher, so we would all go there for the holidays. There was no Blackpool for us – we headed to Islay and spent the entire summer which was glorious.

My Auntie Peggy would look after us. She was a fabulous baker and to this day we compare any home baking to hers. We will often say, “Yes, that tablet is nice, but is it as good as Auntie Peggy’s?”

How often do you go?

Not often enough unfortunately because it’s not on my doorstep.

Lossit Bay, Islay. Picture: Gordon Hatton/GeographRiver City star Sally Howitt. Picture: Alan Peebles/BBC

What’s your favourite memory?

My Uncle Neil and Auntie Ann took all of us – my mum, Auntie Peggy, my brother, my sister, me and the two dogs Prince and Toby – to the beach in the back of his van. We had lots of lovely picnic food, buckets, spades, towels and blankets.

We ran along the shore all day and went into rock pools where the sea was lying undisturbed and warm in pockets just big enough for each of us to sit in and swim a bit.

Later, my Uncle Neil built a bonfire from the timber that was washed ashore, and we huddled around it with our towels wrapped around us eating sandwiches and pancakes. Bliss.

What do you take?

Picnic, towels and blankets.

What do you leave behind?

Nothing. We take all our rubbish home with us.

Sum it up in five words?

Beautiful. Dramatic. Unspoiled. Breathtaking. Tranquil.

What other travel spots are on your wish list?

New York. I’d love to visit but haven’t been yet. I want to go to Fifth Avenue, all the jazz clubs, the East Village and the Empire State Building.

With so many films shot in New York, it will be like stepping onto a set. I can imagine Audrey Hepburn popping out for Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I also want to visit Central Park and see how it compares to our beloved Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow.

I have never been to Paris either – I will add that to my list. I don’t have a head for heights which means I will need to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower from the ground looking up. It would be amazing to wander about and enjoy Paris in all its glory.

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