Scotland's Covid infection levels have remained the highest in the UK, according to the latest estimates. 

The number of people testing positive for coronavirus appeared to rise in the past week as about one in 45 Scots were estimated to have had the virus in the week ending September 20. 

This equates to 117,100 people contracting Covid-19 and is compared to about one person in 55 the previous week.

The Office for National Statistics said the trend in the most recent estimates was uncertain for Scotland.

The ONS estimates that about one in 65 people in England had Covid-19 in the week to September 17, and about one in 50 people in Wales in the week ending September 20.

The trend in Northern Ireland was described as “uncertain”, with about one in 80 estimated to have the virus in the week to September 20.

Sarah Crofts, deputy director for the Covid-19 Infection Survey, said: “Infections have continued to increase in England and Wales, with uncertain trends in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“The increase is consistent across all age groups in England.

“It is too early to identify whether this is the start of a new wave of infections.

“We will continue to closely monitor the data.”