The crypto market has been in a bear season since the beginning of the year. At that time, the total market capitalization has dropped to $1.7 trillion. As the year progressed, the market sank below a trillion dollars in market cap as more people pulled out from the market. 
Every crypto investor and trader's goal is to make the most of the market, whether in a bull or bear market. Although crypto is in a bear market, some coins are still pumping and performing well. In this article, we expand on the top seven coins that are pumping and are positioned to do well in the current bear market. Let's get started.

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Seven Of The Best Crypto Coins Pumping in the Bear Market 

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge, according to its official website, is a unique game redefining blockchain gaming. It's a play-2-earn game that leverages doge popularity for blockchain gaming. The game is simple to play and involves users minting doges of different breeds and training them for combat in the Tamaverse. There are many reasons why TAMA is one of the most performing coins in the current bear market.

Tamadoge allows users to explore the metaverse, in this case, the Tamaverse, for an immersive pet game experience. Tamadoge plans to provide users with augmented reality to interact with their pets in the virtual world. The game is supported by Amazon Web Services, Ethereum, and Metamask.

The game token, TAMA, is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows players to buy and sell their pet NFTs on the platform. Interestingly, TAMA is a no-tax token, meaning users do not pay tax on their transactions when trading. 

Tamadoge has completed its presale round and is listed on OKX, BitMart, and Uniswap. TAMA is trading at $0.06826 with a market cap of $39.6 million. If you're ready for the next crypto gem with the potential to yield massive profits, then you should consider buying Tamadoge.

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Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is changing the way modern finance is done. The Ripple Network offers financial solutions for businesses to scale their operations with instant payments, newer audiences, and more liquidity, all at low costs. The native token of the network, XRP, has been surging in price recently as Ripple got positive rulings in their ongoing court case.

In August, XRP was a little above $0.3; fast forward to September, it's risen above $0.55, representing about a 50% increase in price. The coin will likely pump higher as they get more positive feedback concerning the court case. Currently, XRP is trading at $0.4737 with a market cap of $23.6 billion.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is one of the most talked-about and exciting games in the crypto gaming space. It launched in January and has developed into a community of thousands of users. Players can choose from different categories of competitions and compete for the win. Lucky Block offers attractive prizes like a PS5, Lamborghini, and up to a million dollars in Bitcoin for top winners. These prizes are the incentives drawing gamers to the ecosystem, but there's more. 

Lucky Block has a native token called LBLOCK. LBLOCK was released early this year and pumped over 3000% after its presale period. Users who hold LBLOCK get a 19% ROI as a way to reward those providing liquidity. In addition, Lucky Block initiated a 1% monthly burn of the supply to ensure that the token's price is stable and valuable. LBLOCK has a total supply of 100 billion and a market cap of $14 million. The token is currently available on MEXC,, LBank, and Pancakeswap, trading at $0.00036.

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Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

Terra is a crypto network that offers developer tools for enterprises to build their blockchain app on the Terra blockchain. Its native token is Terra Luna (LUNA), while its stablecoin is Terra USD (UST). However, there's a lot different about Terra today than how it was last year. 

Terra USD (UST) depegged from $1, leading to a cascade of events that affected the whole ecosystem. The Terra community decided to create new pairs, naming the old pairs as classic. Now, there's Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and Terra USD Classic (USTC). 

Although the coin had been trading around $0.0001, it began to pick up momentum in the past few months, and in September, it went from $0.00025 to $0.00059, gaining more than a 130% increase. Although the coin is currently at $0.00029, there's a big likelihood that it will pump again in the following weeks.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Play2Earn games like Axie Infinity, StepN, and Gods Unchained are some games that went big in crypto. And investors who might not necessarily be a player could have invested in the native tokens of the games like Axie Infinity's AXS or StepN's GMT. Another gaming token that has the potential to pump and go big is Battle Infinity's IBAT token.

Battle Infinity is the next big crypto coin to pump massively and one you should consider if you're a fan of Gamefi tokens. Battle Infinity allows players to experience immersive gameplay in the metaverse. In addition to its futuristic features, IBAT allows players to earn passive income through its Play2Earn portal.

Battle Infinity provides a top-tier sports league simulation where users get to create the perfect team matchups. The game is created as an NFT-based game; players can own, sell, or run ads on the land. IBAT is the native token of Battle Infinity and is built on the Binance Smart chain blockchain. It has a 10 billion supply and is trading at $0.003269 on Pancakeswap and LBank.

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Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin (BNB) is a top-performing coin considering the ongoing bear market. It was created by Binance in 2017 to power the activities on Binance exchange. Some of the token's functions include paying for goods and services and accessing lower trading fees in the spot and futures markets.

BNB rose from $215 at the beginning of August to $330. Although BNB is now trading at $282, there's a chance that it will pump again in the next few weeks to months. BNB is available across different exchanges aside from Binance.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a dog-based meme coin created as a direct competition to Dogecoin. According to Shiba Inu's website, SHIB is the "Dogecoin killer." This acclaimed statement did not stop Dogecoin influencer Elon Musk from supporting Shiba Inu. The SHIB community has grown rapidly since its inception in 2020, and Shiba Inu's utility has increased with the development of Shibaswap, a decentralized exchange.

At the beginning of August, SHIB's price was $0.0000099; fast forward to August 15, it had skyrocketed to $0.0000175, marking a 77% increase in price. SHIB is trading now at $0.0000113 and will possibly see new highs in the following weeks.


Although the crypto market is currently riding through a bear season, you can make good profits by investing in coins that are pumping or are set to explode. This list has highlighted the top seven coins that are pumping in the bear market but if you're looking for a coin that's in the early stages to invest in the long term, then consider investing in Tamadoge (TAMA), Lucky Block (LBLOCK) or Battle Infinity (IBAT). Crypto investments are considered risky investments because of the volatility in the market. If you choose to invest, ensure that only a small portion of your investment portfolio is crypto-based.