The Glasgow Clan have been put up for sale amid the backlash over the signing of alleged rapist Lasse Uusivirta.

The Finnish player left the University of Alabama in 2013 after being accused of sexual assault, fleeing to his homeland with no intention of returning according to the district attorney.

He was signed by the Clan last week but released again after a few hours, with Neil Black, the club’s chairman, suspending Gareth Chalmers, its chief executive, and head coach Malcolm Cameron.

That didn't stop a huge backlash from fans, with sponsors pulling the plug on their deals with the team.

The Herald: Alleged rapist Lasse UusivirtaAlleged rapist Lasse Uusivirta (Image: Metro jail)

Now Black, owner and chairman, has announced that the team is up for sale.

A statement said: "From this point moving forwards, there will be a new internal process implemented to all hiring – a process that will end with the chairman having a full and transparent overview of every single hire we wish to make in the organisation

However in light of everything, ultimately as chairman of the club, the buck stops with me, the chairman has to take some responsibility for all the people within the organisation.

"Bearing that in mind, after 12 years as owner, now is the time to explore the opportunity to put the Glasgow Clan up for sale or to seek a broader ownership group. I believe a new or broader ownership group could re-invigorate this fantastic franchise and fanbase. It is what you as fans deserve.

"I want to repledge again what this great club is all about and will be going forwards. Community, charity, inclusiveness and coming together as one to support our team in Purple in what is the greatest sport on Earth.

"To end, let me reiterate again my utter revulsion, disappointment, and anger at what transpired last week.

"Finally while I appreciate and understand the hurt done and feeling, I would like to issue a rallying call to of our fans, sponsors, players and staff, to come together as one, to ensure the continued existence of this great club and to guide it through to an exciting and successful future."

Finance director Gerry McLaughlin had resigned earlier on Friday, insisting that the signing of the alleged rapist was not the reason.

In a video posted on Twitter he said: "I'd like to thank Neil Black for giving me the opportunity here and for having the foresight to put an ice hockey team in this city when no-one else would.

"I in no way intend to trivialise the valid concerns around recent events, but I want to stress that my decision has no specific relation to this."