Three Scots have been arrested as part of the Just Stop Oil protests which have entered their fourth week in London.

The campaign group, which is demanding that the UK government stop all new oil and gas projects in the UK, has been blockading traffic as part of their direct action.

And three Scots have been arrested for allegedly spraying paint on the window of watch giant Rolex and several car dealerships on October 28.

Jennifer Kowalski 26, an environmental scientist was arrested on Friday.

She said: “There’s no point in having million dollar cars when they’re destined to be washed away in floods. And this is already happening.

"Climate change is happening now. An energy crisis is happening now. People around the world are starving, suffering and dying so an elite can spend vast fortunes on vanity items like expensive cars and jewellery. When are we going to stop allowing ourselves to be made poorer and our futures cut shorter?

The Herald: Jennifer Kowalski of Just Stop OilJennifer Kowalski of Just Stop Oil (Image: Just Stop Oil)

"We do this because we want to protect the things and the people we care about.

"I’m not willing to stand by as the refusal to improve life for everyday people causes my loved ones to suffer.”

It's expected Ms Kowalski will be remanded in custody and taken to court on Saturday morning.

Carmen Lean, 28, an architecture student from Glasgow, was one of those
arrested for allegedly spraying the car dealerships.

She said “We pay exorbitant bills for oil and gas but it’s nothing compared to the price our kids will pay for it.

"New oil and gas is a death sentence for people all around the world.

"You can throw us in prison but it won’t stop our outrage at this government throwing millions of people under the bus. We’re not asking for no new oil, we’re demanding it.

“This government is using the crisis to push through more austerity on
one hand and new oil licences on the other.

"Both are death sentences.

"If this government cared about people, they would be insulating homes, investing in affordable public transport and massively scaling up renewables.”

Emma Brown, 31, from Glasgow was also arrested for allegedly spraying the car showrooms, having already been arrested earlier this month for her actions with Just Stop Oil.

The Herald: Just Stop Oil blockadeJust Stop Oil blockade (Image: Just Stop Oil)

She said: “We have come down from Scotland to demand this toxic government in Westminster does another U-turn. This time on our broken energy system.

"Get your hands off our North Sea Oil and rapidly upscale the renewable energies that will prevent catastrophic climate breakdown and reduce our bills.

"This is the immediate action we need to help the cost of living and the climate crisis. Not more oil for billionaires to profit from.”

Ms Lean and Ms Brown were both remanded in custody and taken to court on Thursday, where it is understood they were given a trial date and bailed not to enter the area within the M2.

A spokesperson from the campaign said “This is not a one day event - expect us every day and anywhere.

"This is an act of resistance against a criminal government and their genocidal death project.

"Our supporters will not stop until our demand is met: no new UK oil and gas."