Where is it?

St Andrews, Fife.

Why do you go there?

It's where our dad was born. We've had so many amazing family holidays there and created unforgettable memories; it's been a massive part of our lives.

We still go there now and take our kids which is special as they love it as much as we do. We also shot a special video of our song, Happy Place, on the West Sands beach as a nod to our dad, who sadly passed away at the start of last year.

How often do you go?

A few times throughout the year. I don't think a year has passed when we didn't go to St Andrews.

How did you discover it?

Because our dad was born there it was pretty much drilled into us as kids that we had to see the place where he was born. It has become a second home.

What’s your favourite memory?

In September 2020, during the pandemic, we were able to rent a house in St Andrews with all our family for a few days. We knew our dad wasn't doing great healthwise, but this gave him a massive lift.

We spent the full weekend laughing, playing games and telling stories. His smile that weekend is something we will never forget. It also made our wee mum’s heart glow. It was a special time.

Who do you take?

More often than not we go with our entire family and the dogs. St Andrews has something for everyone and has a family feel to it as well.

What do you take?

You don't need a lot to have a great time there. Some clothes and good company are all you need. If you want, you can take your golf clubs, a picnic for the beach and a rain jacket. If it is good weather, you can’t beat having a barbecue on the West Sands beach.

What do you leave behind?

All your worries and troubles. It's a great place to escape reality.

Sum it up in five words

The best place on earth.

What other travel spots are on your wish list?

There are a few places we’d like to see and also a few places we’d like to go back to and spend more time. We visited Lake Como in Italy while on a European tour and it was absolutely amazing. We would love to go back there.

We would also love to play some festivals or shows in South America and Mexico. We have fans from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, so it would be amazing to get the chance to play there. Hopefully we will soon.

The single, Friends, by Saint Phnx is out now on Atlantic Records. The band is playing St Luke’s, Glasgow, on November 27 and Barrowland, Glasgow, on April 8. Visit saintphnx.com