Covid-19 infections in Scotland have continued to fall, data suggests.

The Covid-19 infection survey from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated one in 55 people in Scotland in the week up to November 8 had the virus.

The figure equates to about 97,500 people, or 1.85% of the population.

In the week before, one in 50 people in Scotland were believed to have the virus.

Scotland joined Wales and Northern Ireland, both of which the survey estimates had cases in one in 55 of their population, while the figure in England was one in 60.

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The survey comes as Nicola Sturgeon this week urged eligible Scots to get vaccinated as she was jabbed.

“Covid is still circulating, we’ve had high levels of community circulation in recent weeks (and) a slight tailing off into the last week or so,” she told the PA news agency on Monday.

“As we get deeper into winter, a virus like this is always going to have the potential to circulate, and obviously we have concerns about flu circulating.

“My message to people is if you’re in one of the eligible groups for vaccination make sure you get vaccinated.

“It is, just as much this year as it was last year, the best way of protecting yourself.”