The Arnold Clark Innovation Centre is ready to lead you towards the future of driving.

The site is a non-selling and aims to focus on education and learning around alternatively fuelled vehicles. The team answer common questions around driving and charging an electric vehicle as well as tacking those misconceptions.

In 2030, sales of new conventionally fuelled cars in the UK will come to an end.

While internal combustion engine vehicles will still be circulating on the used car market after the 2030 deadline, most manufacturers are well on their way to electrifying their fleet with a choice of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric options

And while just 1% of the UK population currently drives an electric vehicle, this is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.

We’ve designed the Innovation Centre to answer any potential questions you may have about the direction the transport industry is headed – it’s not about selling, it’s about learning. Everyone knows how important alternative fuel vehicles are to our environmental future, but there are many misconceptions. That’s why our Innovation Genuis’ will be on hand to help answer any of your (non-petrol) burning questions – providing clarity on areas such as range anxiety, charging processes and much more.

We also know that many people want to experience electric first-hand before making the big switch. That’s why we have over 60 electric and hybrid cars available to test-drive.  On top of that, we have a huge selection of interactive exhibits and displays that aim to educate our visitors as well as training facilities to help everyone get a grasp on the new electric normal.

Visitors can take a test drive in their choice of vehicle including the Kia EV6, Renault Megane E-Tec, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Volkswagen ID.3/4 & 5, Mercedes EQC, Mini Electric– which are all available on site.

However, the Innovation Centre isn’t just for today’s concerns. We have teamed up with the University of Strathclyde to set up joint research programmes looking at the future of the car industry and how the changing market will affect the customer. We know that switching to electric is only the first step in this new and exciting journey, and we want to be more than just a passenger for it. That’s why we hope this joint venture will help develop and shape the transport industry for years to come.


The centre is also there to advise businesses. With manufacturers moving towards electrification, fleets must do so as well, and Arnold Clark’s business specialists have the knowledge to offer the best solutions for businesses large and small.

Arnold Clark Chief Executive and Group Managing Director, Eddie Hawthorne, explains: “There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about EVs. And this is something we as an industry need to educate our customers about, which is what we’re trying to do.

“We’ve invested well over £5 million in our Innovation Centre in Glasgow. It’s not a site we are selling anything from. It’s specifically an innovation, information and educational centre. The centre displays alternative fuel vehicles from all the manufacturers we represent, plus some we don’t. We currently have 60 vehicles on-site. These include fully electric, plug-in hybrids, hybrids, and commercial vehicles that are also alternatively fuelled.”


Need to host an event?

The Innovation Centre can be used to host a wide range of events with partners, manufacturers, innovators and members of the public.

Whether you’re a business looking for a space to host your next meeting, seminar or networking event, or a company ready to launch its new product, the Innovation Centre can make it happen.

The centre, located in Glasgow’s West End, is fully flexible, and all items can be moved or re-branded to suit your event requirements.

We can also offer catering for your event. If you’d like to find out more, please contact


Any upcoming events?

The Innovation Centre will have a wide range of events available to the public. For example, we’re currently running a series of ‘Electric Experience’ events throughout this month – these will include a meet and greet with our team of experts, a bespoke tour of the centre and a chance to test-drive our range of electric vehicles!

In December, we're looking forward to hosting our first-ever Christmas Experience event, where children will have the chance to meet Santa, while learning about the transition to electric and being able to get creative in the elves’ workshop!

Keep an eye out on our website for all upcoming events.   


Want to find out more?

The Innovation Centre is situated at 701 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, and is fully accessible from the ground floor.

Best of all, we’re open seven days a week! So, if you want to find out more about alternative fuel vehicles, have a chat about new or up-and-coming transport technologies, or fancy taking the latest hybrid out for a test drive, then visit the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre.