The RMT has announced that it will put a pay deal to members with advice to reject Network Rail's offer, with further strikes to take place over Christmas.

Workers on the railways are seeking a pay rise in line with spiralling inflation, but were offered 4 per cent backdated for 2022 and a further 4% for next year by the Rail Delivery Group at the weekend.

The union said there were no guarantees beyond April 2024 and that the "detrimental" proposals would mean the closure of all ticket offices, mass job losses and mandatory Sunday working.

It had previously been announced that Network Rail members of the RMT would strike on 13-14 and 16-17 December, as well as on 3-4 & 6-7 January.

That will affect Scottish services as, while ScotRail is nationalised, Network Rail Scotland signallers and maintenance staff, who are in safety-critical roles, will be on strike.

On Monday night the RMT announced that it would put the pay deal from the Rail Delivery Group to members, with advice to reject the settlement.

The electronic ballot will be open until noon on Monday December 12.

A statement said: "There has been no improved offer from the Rail Delivery Group who still await a mandate from the government.

"As a result, all scheduled strike action will go ahead and the union awaits the outcome of a planned meeting with the RDG tomorrow."

Further strikes have been announced between December 24 and 27, when engineering works will be taking place and fewer passenger services will be running, and overtime bands have been cancelled.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "We remain available for talks in order to resolve these issues but we will not bow to pressure from the employers and the government to the detriment of our members."

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