It is the last moment to make a significant change in your life and invest in IMPT since the most promising green presale is ending soon. As IMPT will be listed with the CEX listing, it will significantly increase the price shortly, so you should be fast if you want to take advantage of this currency. Investors always look for the best options and offers. IMPT is at the lowest price now, so investing in this new impactful carbon offset project could bring massive gains in the long term.  

The Herald:

With the impressively high potential to gain your investment shortly, IMPT is more than crypto. It is a reliable and trustworthy project that supports more than 10.000 eco-friendly projects and brands worldwide. Each investment partially goes to green projects. Take advantage of this opportunity to make the right decision and positively impact environmental protection.  

IMPT’s IEO on LBank From December 14

IMPT is a revolutionary project and trading platform related to carbon offsetting and carbon credits investing models, with a highly successful token presale. The project has raised an impressive $16.5 million and it’s showing remarkable growth potential.  

The presale ended on December 11, and IMPT is now listed on three influential CEX lists, Uniswap, LBank, and Changelly Pro. As it is an early IEO, it is the most critical moment when you can invest in this token smartly.

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Investing in IMPT is safe and well-protected 

Once you join the IMPT network, you will become part of a large group of top consumers and brands. The list of the brands that support this currency is very long, and only famous names exist. You will join Amazon, Microsoft, Bloomingdales, GameStop, River Island, Electrolux, Lego, and others.  

Amazon has supported the token in a way that respects you as a buyer and the main goal of the currency. When a shopper buys through the IMPT widget on Amazon, they indirectly help the planet in some way. Amazon will donate, in their name, an amount the donor wanted. The donation goes to the audited environmental, social, and governance projects selected by IMPT. Each shop online with the IMPT or app brings earnings to the owner that he can exchange for carbon credits.  

The Herald:

The IMPT project also allows buying, selling, and retiring carbon credits on a blockchain marketplace. Blockchain technology makes it impossible to commit fraud or make double the money spent. IMPT tokens buyers can convert into carbon credit and list on the IMPT marketplace as an NFT token. It can be exchanged for tokens for collectible NFTs designed by famous artists.  


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IMPT is the most sustainable token  

When IMPT ended presale on December 11, the most exciting moment started for it. It will be listed on three trustworthy lists, Uniswap, LBank, and Changelly, while the developers have planned to add at least seven other lists in months to come.  

As the CEO of IMPT, David Creighton, said, the listing price is $0.0253, and at that moment, the developers will burn any remaining tokens in presale two. After that, the presale three phase will be locked for 12 months and vested over 12 months to support Use Case 3. The reason is to protect the sustainability of the tokens, mostly from “pump and dump” situations and large fluctuations.  

The Herald:

The current climate crisis and all that happens with the environment do not promise stability, and IMPT must ensure stable prices and value. The significant changes in the crypto market, during an aggressive Bear market, FTX crashed, all affected the volatility of cryptos on the market.  

It is the moment to be brave and severe, keeping the same goal and vision during this road and doing all you can to provide safety and protection for nature. IMPT does that, protects the environment, and gives you stability in unstable times. Investing in it, you will know that you are on the right trajectory, doing the right thing for the planet and yourself.  

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This is a $30 trillion opportunity you must not miss 

Broadridge Financial Solutions, the experts in this field, estimated that ESG assets will be valued at around $30 trillion by 2030. All that is included in this amazing project is to prevent climate change and support environmental protection to significantly strengthen the urgent task of protecting and improving our planet. You can be a part of the solution by investing in IMPT, one of the most attractive tokens this season.

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All predictions say that IMPT will significantly enlarge its position and value after listing on CEX lists. As you can see from this article, IMPT is one of the best projects and eco-friendly actions to take part in. It is essential to earn from the currency since IMPT is at an all-time low now. 

IMPT is more than a common cryptocurrency. It is a revolutionary and innovative progress of eco-friendly projects, and developers have provided constant improvement. Although it is in the early IEO phase, and still at a meager price, you should act quickly.

One of the most significant advantages of IMPT is that you will be on the right trajectory by investing in it and supporting green projects. As one of the numerous individuals, you will join the large community of brands, industries, and even governments supporting this project. The most promising green crypto presale is ending soon – so choose your part in this unique process. 

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Crypto investments are considered risky investments because of the volatility in the market. If you choose to invest, ensure that only a small portion of your investment portfolio is crypto-based.

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