Edinburgh Cashmere is one of the biggest retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers in Scotland producing 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool scarves.

This year, Edinburgh Cashmere is celebrating its anniversary by showcasing a special blend of men's and women's cashmere scarves designed to perfection.

For this special celebration they have decided to bring luxury and sustainability together, with the brand creating a suitable luxury collection for men and women for spring.

It will ensure that you enjoy trendy and high-quality products during the season. Their timeless and signature collection, DC Classic Check, gives a sophisticated look to your outfit.

Men’s Designer Cashmere Scarves

Edinburgh Cashmere select plush cashmere scarves for men for warmth and comfort. Discover long, fringed, checked, and monogrammed neck scarves per your style statement.

They offer a variety of designs to suit your taste and also have various options in colours for people who like bold colours and those who like soft shades. Edinburgh Cashmere’s signature designs, DC Classic Check, DC Check and DC design  scarves are recognized globally.

On a cold and windy day, wrap up with a designer cashmere scarf for a sophisticated yet trendy attire. You can also shop for capes and stoles at Edinburgh cashmere. Edinburgh Cashmere accessories give an elegant look with basic colours.

Edinburgh Cashmere have an exclusive scarf range from their Women’s department. For a wide range of soft cashmere scarves, you can shop online or in-store.



These scarves are for cashmere lovers who want high-quality pure basic cashmere. They deal in cashmere from Scotland. It is collected by their suppliers directly from the herders to avoid any compromise on the purity of the fibre.

Indulge in London's luxurious sense of style with Edinburgh Cashmere scarves crafted in Scotland from pure cashmere. Delightfully soft and cosy cashmere makes it one of the best collections worldwide.

The quality and designs provided stand out in the competition. Edinburgh Cashmere has achieved customer loyalty through quality and style, which will never be compromised.

Fashioned from butter-soft pure natural cashmere and cut to a streamlined silhouette, the scarves collection gives a comfortable feel. Edinburgh Cashmere is known for its soft and comfortable material. Irresistibly soft scarves elevated in woven cashmere, from classic fringed styles to square and oversized silhouettes.

They have a wide variety of colours available to fulfil the needs of people with different tastes. The focus is not only on classic check designs but also plain  scarves, stoles and capes, keeping a balance between light and darker shades to suit different tastes, events, and outfits.

Women’s Designer Cashmere Scarves

Edinburgh Cashmere’s collection for women is a show stealer, sophisticated exclusive designs like the DC Classic Check. They are very specific about colours, It gives them a soft, decent, bold look or a combination of both, like the DC scarf.  You can shop their cashmere collection and wrap up in luxury with these expertly crafted designer cashmere scarves. 



Their collection is more about quality than quantity. Edinburgh Cashmere have always focused more on what they produce rather than how much they produce. It makes the brand high quality and  maintains customer loyalty despite competition in luxury fashion. They have signature designs preferred by  customers, which makes them unique from other fashion brands. 

Check out the new cashmere creations, such as scarves, capes and stoles in different designs and colours. You can select as per your style statement. Edinburgh Cashmere gives you a classy look by adding an item to your attire that you will never regret. Edinburgh Cashmere scarves help you complement your style and enhance your mood giving you a luxurious look, providing customers with the best. 

The Best Of What Cashmere Can Do

The word “cashmere” is the Anglicisation of the word “Kashmir” because the material is the undercoat of Kashmir goats. These goats are found only in a few regions, like the northernmost region of India. This undercoat of Kashmir goats saves them from extreme winter, making it clear how warm this undercoat is. Cashmere is expensive; the undercoat of two goats makes one scarf, while the goats are not commonly found.

Cashmere is a luxury item that lasts long, justifying the price. It’s a premium yarn because of its scarcity so what is provided is rare and purest at its best quality. Cashmere has a few amazing features making it perfect for winter; it is warm and lightweight.

It makes it very comfortable and durable, so people do not hesitate to invest in it. Moreover, it's silky soft to soothe the skin. It is not itchy because of the shape of the fibre. It is bumpy and tends to cling to each other. Therefore, it is a pleasure to the skin for both children and adults.



Cashmere Scarves And Lambswool Scarves Manufactured By Top Fashion Designer Edinburgh Cashmere

Add a chic style to your wardrobe with an exclusive scarf only from Edinburgh Cashmere. Crafted with the finest quality and 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool,these scarves ensure complete warmth and comfort, along with adding an elegant essence of fashion to your overall look.

The material boasts durability while ensuring it is soft on the skin, and completely comfortable throughout the day. Edinburgh Cashmere treats fibres with a unique 35-step technique to ensure their scarves maintain softness and ensures the finest quality throughout its life.

Edinburgh Cashmere scarves can be worn with any style of attire to enhance your formal or casual outfit. Edinburgh Cashmere’s unique designs have been featured in leading world magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Tatler, and Grazia.



About Edinburgh Cashmere

Edinburgh Cashmere only produces 100% pure extra fine Cashmere and 100% pure extra fine Lambswool products. Edinburgh Cashmere’s scarves, stoles, capes and blankets are renowned across the world and can be exclusively purchased here at the Official Edinburgh Cashmere.

Edinburgh Cashmere’s creation process ensures that the softness of its material is maintained, giving each product a luxurious feel that is unmatched. Edinburgh Cashmere Official produces the finest products to provide comfort and warmth to their valued customers.


This is the only official account where official Edinburgh Cashmere brand products can be purchased. Edinburgh Cashmere has no partnerships with any other Brands or websites.









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