Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen are home to some of the most well-equipped clinics and diagnostic centers for hair loss treatments and hair transplantations in Europe.

With 35 years of experience and plenty of people going to the group for this significant change in their lives, the clinics of Seneca Medical Group are very popular for hair loss treatment, providing results at an affordable cost. 

Seneca Medical Group, a pioneer in the field of hair loss restoration, invests in the extroversion and development of health tourism and supports such initiatives.

Peggy Stavrianou, Director of Operations, and Nikos Pagopoulos, Medical Tourism Manager of Seneca, attended a very successful forum where distinguished speakers from the field of medical tourism and wellness developed their ideas and suggestions.

International observers and experts are in agreement that Greece meets all the requirements to be classified as a 'wellness country'.

To evidence this achievement, the first Hybrid Global Wellness Economy Forum "From Opportunity to a Successful Development – The Greek Case" took part at the Ministry of Digital Governance on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, where leading international experts and global opinion leaders in the field of Health and Wellness Tourism participated.

The event was held with the contribution of Elitour and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development under the auspices of Enterprise Greece.

It highlighted the unique investment opportunities in Greece for the development of hospitality structures that will offer health and wellness services.


The Herald:

The international speakers agreed on the emergence of the "authenticity" of the concept of Well-being as a long tradition in Greece, in combination with the Mediterranean diet and the historical wealth of the country that gave birth to Medical Science, regarding the development of an extroversion strategy to attract wellness travelers.

Susie Ellis, President of the Global Wellness Institute, agreed with the President of Elitour, Mr. Patoulis, on the identity of the "authenticity" of Greek Wellness, in which the development of Greek Wellness Tourism can invest. And he suggested that Greece be included in the Global Geography of Wellness.

The speakers underlined the importance of public-private partnerships which have helped so far to rebrand the country into a premium, safe, multi-island destination.

Combined with wellness and health offerings, Greece can benefit from the thriving tourism segment which she said was growing at a rate of 20-30 percent annually.

She believes the international community would vote for Greece as a destination catering to travelers’ well-being but also as a separate health destination. This proves the country can evolve into the global center of holistic healing and rejuvenation, a global center of authentic well-being.