Lash extensions admittedly look great but it's a costly endeavor and best reserved for special occasions.

Far better to try to make the most of what nature gave us, I think.

There are plenty of good lash serums around but they do require persistence and it's a long-term project. Once you stop using them, so too does the growth.

My own lashes are long but while the hair on my head has a natural wave, they are frustratingly straight.

Elise Burns, who is based at the woderful Niche Brow Bar in Shawlands, is an expert in the eyelash lift.

Expect to sit back in the chair for around an hour and a half all in but if you have had a busy week, it’s the perfect excuse to just chill.

A patch test is essential before having this treatment and you should come to the appointment with clean, mascara-free lashes although Elise ensures mine are thoroughly cleansed.

The Herald:

Lash perming is similar to the ones most of us of a certain age had in our teens but is a much gentler procedure.

A soft, sticky rod is applied to the upper eyelid which acts as a curler and holds the lashes in place.

The natural lashes are then brushed over and a lifting lotion is applied to mould around the rod, followed by a setting lotion that sets the lash shape.

If you are a bit squeamish about people touching your eyes - and I think most people are - fear not in Elise’s hands.

She is extremely gentle and very good at what she does so there was minimum discomfort.

The Herald:

The treatment ends with a lash tint and I’m delighted with the result, which lasted a good few weeks and was really amplified with mascara.

You shouln’t get lashes wet for the first 24 hours or use make-up but after that, enjoy the eye-brightening and anti-ageing effect.

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