He is commemorated with a statue in Glasgow's George Square and is considered to be the father of early dialysis.

While his achievements might have fallen slightly under the radar compared to other Scots scientists and inventors, the name of Thomas Graham will proudly appear on a rebuilt community library which is due to open its doors in the coming weeks.

Strathblane resident and businessman Angus Graham, Thomas' great great nephew, generously donated almost three quarters towards the £1million project with the rest of the money being raised through the community and grant aid.

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Mr Graham said: "I spent many happy childhood holidays in this area and the hills were just paradise.

"I moved here myself several years ago and when talk began about a replacement library it wasn't a difficult decision to want to help. To be able to name the library after my great great uncle is very fitting.

"I helped with the easy part, it is the Strathblane Community Development Trust which has had the hard part. I admire them for everything they have achieved. I'm looking forward to seeing the venue open."

HeraldScotland: Donor Angus Graham and Margaret Vass, chair of Strathblane Community Development TrustDonor Angus Graham and Margaret Vass, chair of Strathblane Community Development Trust (Image: Newsquest)

Born in Glasgow but with links to Strathblane, Graham was destined to be a Church of Scotland minister until he became interested in chemistry during his studies at the University of Glasgow. After a couple of years of teaching, he was appointed to the first Chair of Chemistry at Anderson's University. He pioneered the use of laboratory practical classes for all his students. The twenty-nine research papers produced during his time at the Andersonian provided the foundations of a national reputation.

Graham is often considered the father of colloid chemistry. His other major area of contribution was in the diffusion of gases. In 1833 Graham published an article, On the Law of the Diffusion of Gases, in which he explicitly stated what is now known as Graham's Law of Gaseous Diffusion. The Thomas Graham Building at the University of Strathclyde is named after him.

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The Thomas Graham Library is the first new community-owned public library facility to be built in Scotland for many years.

The development trust worked in close partnership with Stirling Council to secure a unique operating agreement under which the Council is leasing the library space from which to deliver its library service.

HeraldScotland: Chemist and father of early dialysis Thomas GrahamChemist and father of early dialysis Thomas Graham (Image: Newsquest)

In addition to Mr Graham’s donations, 269 local people contributed sums ranging from £10 to £10,000 – one of the largest community crowd-funding campaigns yet achieved in Scotland.

Margaret Vass, chair of the SCDT, said: "Libraries are so important in communities and the contribution from library staff. While it might a volunteer led project and we will be operating community rooms for events and adult learning, we are 100 per cent insistent that it is Stirling Council that provides the library services. We think that trained librarians are the way forward to expand what libraries do and it shouldn't be volunteers doing it. As volunteers, we built the premises, but it is the council that provide the library services and they do it superbly well."

HeraldScotland: The former Strathblane libraryThe former Strathblane library (Image: Strathblane Community Development Trust)

It is hoped that the library will be able to open its doors in the coming weeks, but it has taken several years to reach this stage.

"We had old portacabins before and it was very popular, it might have been replaced at some point like for like, but we just decided we weren't waiting any longer," Mrs Vass added. "I always knew we could raise a fair bit of money in the community, but the fact that we started our fundraising campaign and then went into lockdown, people just kept giving. Almost 260 households in the area have given. This community is just amazing and they love their library. It is the focal point in the village and has always had a special relationship with Strathblane Primary School."

HeraldScotland: The Thomas Graham Library will open its doors in the coming weeksThe Thomas Graham Library will open its doors in the coming weeks (Image: Newsquest)

Pamela Tulloch, chief executive of the Scottish Library and Information Council, said they were delighted to see this example of community and public partnership result in a state-of-the-art community library and hub.

Mrs Tulloch said: "The collaboration between the community and Stirling Council has demonstrated that it is possible to provide a sustainable future for public library services through a non-traditional financial and operational model. The community has shaped the venue to ensure it provides the library service it both wants and needs. It is very fitting that Thomas Graham Library is carbon neutral and plays strongly to the sustainable economy when public libraries, at their heart, are the originators of the sharing economy.

"This new venue in Strathblane very much brings to life what a 21st Century library should be. I look forward to seeing what this innovative approach to library service delivery brings in the future not just to Strathblane but also to the public library sector in general.”

The features a sophisticated energy system comprising roof-mounted solar panels, air-source heat pump, battery and thermal storage and underfloor heating.

A Stirling Council spokesperson said: “This unique and positive collaboration with the community of Strathblane is an excellent example of what is possible when the council and local people work together. We look forward with excitement to Strathblane Library opening its doors shortly.”