This is a dish similar to one I currently have on the menu at One Devonshire Gardens. It’s a wee bit different in terms of something you might cook mid-week for the family but a dish definitely worth trying if you’re entertaining.

Ingredients: Serves 2

1 x lamb rack, trimmed

4 x aubergines

1 x baby gem – washed and halved

100g feta cheese – diced into cubes

Red cabbage sauerkraut (see last week’s recipe)

Oil for cooking


1 tbsp butter



Pre heat grill – full

Heat oven Gas mark 6/200C/fan 180C. To begin, place the aubergines on a baking tray and place under the grill on a medium to high heat, not too close to the direct heat source but enough to cook them. Leave these to cook for around 30-45 minutes.

The heat will slowly cook the aubergine, giving it a beautiful, subtle, smoked flavour.

Keep turning every now and again if needed. Once they are soft and fairly mushy, cling-film the tray and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Scoop out the insides, trying to avoid too much blackened skin and place into a blender. Add a touch of salt and blend until smooth. Push through a fine sieve and reserve until needed.

Take a frying pan, ideally one that’s oven suitable and warm a small amount of oil on a medium heat. Season the lamb rack well with salt and lay the lamb into the pan, fat side down.

Cook for a couple of minutes then colour on the other side. Turn back over to the fat side and cook in the oven for around 5-6 minutes. Remove from the oven and add a spoonful of butter to the pan. Baste the lamb for a further minute or two and then allow to rest for 5-6 minutes. This cooking time is roughly for a medium rare; this can be adjusted for your own preference.

Warm a griddle pan on a high heat with a small amount of oil and place the gem lettuce flat side down. Char on one side until soft. Add a bit more oil if needed.

Arrange the dish by warming the aubergine puree through and adding a good amount to the plate. Carve the lamb rack along each rib bone if you choose and add the gem lettuce.

Add a generous amount of the red cabbage sauerkraut (from last week’s recipe) and scatter over the feta cheese.

An impressive and tasty dish with minimum ingredients.

Gary Townsend is head chef at One Devonshire Gardens by Hotel du Vin, Glasgow. See or phone 0141 378 0385 to book.

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