CHILLED to the bone but happy, Glasgow fashion designer Nicole Christie spoke today of her delight at having been invited to the King's Coronation.

Nicole Christie, 27, who was recently named Scottish Fashion Designer of the Year, was at Westminster Abbey representing the Prince's Foundation.

Interviewed live on Radio Four in the wake of the Coronation, Christie, 27, revealed that she was wearing one of her own dresses - silk and 100 per cent hand-made - from her sustainable luxury womenswear brand, Ellipsis.

She acknowledged that she was "freezing", but told the interviewer that the Coronation service had been "incredible".


She added: "It was surreal. All the way through, I just can't believe that I was there. It's now part of history.

"I was [in the] second row and I was actually sitting quite near Ant and Dec. That was really good to see. I got a really good view as well".

Receiving the invitation had been "another surreal moment", she said, and she could not believe that she had been invited to the Coronation.

Christie is a First Class BA Hons Fashion Design and Production graduate. After graduating she became one of four Scottish Modern Artisans for Yoox Net-a-Porter and The Princes Foundation.

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Last year Ms Christie, from East Kilbride, had the opportunity to present her brand to the then-Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cambridge and the then-Duchess of Cornwall at The Prince’s Foundation training site at Trinity Buoy Wharf, a centre for arts in West London.

In a Herald interview in February she said of the royal encounter: "I was honestly petrified and I didn't appreciate the impact it would have. It was an honour but so surreal to have King Charles recognise me and ask how I was getting on and then introduce me to Queen Camilla.

"There was no reception in the venue so I went outside to phone my mum and dad and they said there were already news articles about Ellipsis and the fact the Duchess of Cambridge was looking at my dresses.

"I had to open international shipping for the first time to accommodate all these orders that were suddenly coming in from overseas".

She added: "I've been extremely lucky with the opportunities I've had. It's been brilliant, I've just been so lucky and have been on an incredible journey over the past five years".