A walker was injured after falling onto the rocks at a popular bay on Sunday afternoon. 

Multiple coastguard teams were on high alert after they received reports of the incident at Killiedraught Bay, near Eyemouth, around 1pm.

Eyemouth Coastguard along with the Berwick Coastguard rescue team searched the area for the casualty. 

They provided some treatment on the scene but the person was then evacuated from the bay with assistance from the RNLI Eyemouth Lifeboat. 

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The Herald:

The casualty was brought to Eyemouth harbour where an ambulance was awaiting. 

A further team, Dunbar Coastguard, was also called out in case the lifeboat was unable to safely remove the casualty but were stood down on route.

A statement from Eyemouth Coastguard added: "The casualty’s family did exactly the right thing by remembering in an emergency at the coast dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

"We wish the casualty a speedy recovery."