Ear care and hearing experts House of Hearing are offering free earwax removal for over 75-year-olds as part of their ongoing mission to promote safe ear care.

House of Hearing have made the radical decision to offer their ENT nurse-led wax removal service free of charge for over 75-year-olds every Tuesday from their Edinburgh clinic until the end of June 2023.*

The audiology experts made this move as part of their ongoing commitment to make high quality, affordable ear care accessible to as many people as possible, in light of the ongoing cost of living crisis.


Alongside this new special offer, thanks to increased staffing levels the Edinburgh clinic is currently running an offer to guarantee that all patients will be seen for wax removal within 48 hours – or receive £20 off the cost of treatment – also until the end of June.*

Melanie Jackson, House of Hearing’s Head of Nursing and Clinical Lead, said, “We often find an increased number of patients coming to us in Summer with ear infections or complications stemming from a build-up of earwax and exacerbated by summer activities such as travel, swimming and warmer temperatures.

“This year we are trying to encourage the local population in Edinburgh to be proactive with their ear care and prepare for Summer by having their ears checked in advance and stopping any problems in their tracks.


“Given the proliferation of dangerous DIY wax removal kits available online and the rise in unregulated wax removal providers in our local community offering cheap alternatives, our hope is that these new special offers will help make our services more accessible and allow more people to understand the importance of having your wax removed by a qualified professional.”

House of Hearing have been established hearing and aural care experts for over 50 years.

Their Edinburgh clinic is the first private wax removal clinic in the country to be registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, ensuring a high standard of patient care. As well as their ENT nurse-led wax removal service, they also provide hearing protection, hearing aids and free comprehensive hearing tests.


*T&Cs apply. Visit www.houseofhearing.co.uk/wax-removal-edinburgh for full details.