Scotland is set to experience its hottest week of the year next week with sunshine and high temperatures expected across the country.

An area of high pressure has brought warm and dry conditions across much of the country in recent days, and the Met Office is forecasting it to last until the end of the month.

Clear skies will allow more of the May sunshine to reach ground level, gradually raising temperatures.

While the weekend weather is forecast to be dry yet cloudy for most of Scotland over the weekend, the following days are set to bring clear skies and sunshine - including for the Monday bank holiday.

In the north Highlands temperatures could rise as high as 26°C, with Glasgow and Ayrshire expected to experience temperatures in the low to mid-20s.

Conditions are expected to be cooler for Edinburgh and much of the east coast, with highs of 17°C, but sunshine is still expected throughout the week.

STV meteorologist Sean Batty said: "High pressure looks like settling over Scotland next week with much warmer conditions developing, and it looks like the west of Scotland will often be the warmest part of the UK with temperatures peaking in the mid-20s.

"While it’ll be warm in the west, a gentle on-shore air flow in the east will hold temperatures back there.

“This means places such as Peterhead, Stonehaven, St Andrews and Dunbar may remain in the mid-teens while the heat builds in the west.”