DC Singh is a testament to the power of hard work, devotion, and determination.

From simple roots, he has built a multi-million pound empire with successful ventures such as his premium Scottish cashmere brand, Edinburgh Cashmere.


Thanks to DC’s perseverance, Edinburgh Cashmere has become a top worldwide brand, synonymous with high-quality cashmere and lambswool apparel.

Yet this cashmere and lambswool line is just one aspect of DC’s empire. So, let’s dive into this dynamic entrepreneur’s story to learn how DC Singh continues to explore and actualize new business ideas.


Humble Beginnings for DC Singh

Part of DC Singh’s success lies in the fact that he started working in his youth in the Punjab, India, where he was born. From an early age, DC was interested in fashion and design, which is why he immediately gravitated toward the clothing sector.


A fast learner and highly motivated, DC spent his time exploring local clothing markets where he identified customer bases, observed consumer shopping habits and developed a keen sense of demand needs while he was still a teenager.

Making the decision to start a clothing business, DC started securing suppliers. In the process, he learned that business was more than selling products and to be profitable, his clients needed to be happy and successful.


Therefore, he devoted himself to delivering high-quality products and building strong client relationships, a work ethic that he still stands by to this day.

With such business savvy, it is no surprise that DC quickly gained his client’s trust, and international investors enjoyed doing business with him.

As his business grew, so did his vision for the future. With big plans, DC Singh left his homeland to set up a premium cashmere and lambswool manufacturing business in Scotland.


Edinburgh Cashmere: High-Quality Design

A top Scottish cashmere brand, Edinburgh Cashmere blends high-quality manufacturing with exclusive designs to create unique cashmere and lambswool scarves, capes, stoles and blankets.

Furthermore, DC Singh controls every aspect of the fabrication, from sourcing to finishing, ensuring each operation follows the highest quality assurance standards.

Then infusing his creativity, DC creates beautiful patterns, monograms, and tartan-inspired weaves, including the famous DC classic design and DC check design. Check out Edinburgh Cashmere’s official online store today to browse his exclusive designs.


With such an approach, DC has found great success as he continues to collaborate with businesses worldwide, from the UK to Japan, even creating exclusive merchandise for Premier League football clubs.

Moreover, DC’s eye for fashion makes his cashmere and lambswool pieces luxurious and trendy. An instant celebrity favourite, Edinburgh Cashmere is regularly featured in international fashion magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Grazia and Tatler.


New ventures on the horizon

By using his mind and willpower to make businesses thrive, DC Singh continues to sign multi-million pound deals as investors come to him, knowing he will make a profit. Even though he enjoys his work and success, DC isn’t planning to slow down any time soon.


Keeping a close watch on the business landscape, DC always looks for the next business opportunity. With new ventures on the horizon, DC Singh looks to expand his business in new industries, and given his aptitude, this business owner, entrepreneur and innovator is sure find more success.