The Scottish Government’s Bottle Deposit Scheme is on the brink after the UK Government essentially blocked it from going ahead by demanding glass be excluded. 

First Minister Humza Yousaf is meeting industry leaders today to help “decide whether it is feasible for us to go forward” with DRS, which is currently scheduled to launch in March 2024. 

Months of wrangling, which has seen the environmental initiative become a political and constitutional football, look set to end soon as a deadline set by Humza Yousaf for UK Ministers to have a change of heart passed without action. 

The long-running story is the most talked-about on the Herald’s website, as readers debate the pros and cons, the effects to business and the environment, and whether the costs are worth the inevitable price rise on products.  

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Now it’s time for you to have your say with our Herald Reader’s Poll - Do you want to see the DRS scheme go ahead, scrapped or brought in without glass included?  

Lorna Slater, the minister responsible for the initiative, has already conceded to MSPs the scheme passed by Holyrood cannot go ahead as planned, claiming it has been “shot down by Westminster” after the UK Government refused to allow glass bottles to be included. 

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