Kevin Bridges has just revealed why he thinks fights broke out during his Glasgow shows last year. 

During the run of Bridge's Overdue Catch-Up tour, which took place last September, a number of fights broke out at the city's OVO Hydro.

We previously reported that people were removed from the shows as a result of the commotion, and Kevin had to pause his routine a number of times. 

Now, the Clydebank comedian has placed the blame on post-covid drinking. 

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The Herald: Kevin Bridges

Speaking on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio, he said: "I have done gigs where you are about to start the closing routine and you are thinking 'This has gone quite good, I'm almost home'.

"Then you just see a guy standing up and security walking over and you think 'Oh my God, there is going to be a fight here'.

"This has happened a lot in my last tour. There were three fights in the Glasgow run and then in Abu Dhabi in January there was a punch-up as well.

"I would rather get arrested in Glasgow than Abu Dhabi so I don't know what happened there.

"I think since Covid when there's a night out people are putting so much into the night. If the gig is at 8 o'clock they are meeting at 12 o'clock and they just start boozing."