The venue many consider to be the home of track and field in this country is under serious threat of closure which would, the Chair of the sport’s governing body fears, cause significant damage to athletics in Scotland.

Grangemouth Stadium has long played host to some of Scotland’s most prominent athletics’ competitions, as well as providing a valuable training base for many of Scotland’s top athletes but the venue could potentially shut permanently within three years if a funding gap of tens of millions pounds is not closed.

And David Ovens, the chair of Scottish Athletics, admits the closure of Grangemouth Stadium would be a significant blow to the sport in this country if it materialises.

“It is one of the most important facilities in Scotland and we simply can’t afford to lose it,” he said

“For so many young athletes across Scotland, it’s a place where they start their athletics journey.

“It’s the foremost venue for para-athletics, too.

“Our Senior and under-17 Championships are there in August, the Scottish Schools were there recently for two days at national level and there are a whole range of regional schools events held there.

“We also have the Schools International there over the summer and there’s league meetings and club activity as well.

“Half the population in Scotland can get there within an hour so that’s why its central location is key. It’s a big asset for our sport.”

Some of the most successful names in the sport such as Laura Muir, Jake Wightman, Josh Kerr and Eilish McColgan who, earlier this year, called competing at Grangemouth Stadium a “rite of passage” for Scotland’s young athletes, spent many of their formative years competing at the venue.

But the owners, Falkirk Council, announced in December that a £67m funding gap over the next four years means they may have to close a number of buildings and sites, with one of those being Grangemouth Stadium.

It is currently deemed a “Phase Three” asset by the council, which means if a solution cannot be found it will close in April 2026.

However, Ovens remains hopeful of a solution being found which would allow Grangemouth Stadium to remain open for the long-term and he insists Scottish Athletics are doing all they can to ensure the future of this vital venue for the sport in Scotland is secure.

“We are very much at the heart of the discussions,” said Ovens.

“We are lobbying on this – we are speaking to Falkirk Council, to Sport Scotland, other strategic partners and even Ineos, a major employer in the area and who neighbour the facility at Grangemouth.

“We are determined to try and come up with a plan that sees Grangemouth Stadium remain open for many years to come.

“It is daunting but I am encouraged that there is possibly a business plan there which could be viable.”