The summer solstice, our longest day in the northern hemisphere, is June 21, and, in Scotland, it's something to revel in. At our most northerly limits, in Shetland, that means the endless lingering light of the simmer dim.

But even the south of Scotland revels in a day of long light and shrunken night. The solstice is the turning point, the moment when the days begin, imperceptibly at first, to shorten - and for many it is best celebrated by watching the sun go down. 

Here are six incredible places in Scotland at which to do that. And, by the way, the forecast in both the East and the West is looking good. 

1. Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

The Herald:

Climb the capital's mini-mountain at first light to catch a glimpse of the sunrise coming up over the North Sea and catching the Edinburgh and East Lothian coastline as it rises. There's something almost mystical about this beast of an exThe Herald: tinct volcano sitting right in the middle of the city. The most popular spot in Edinburgh for a solstice sunset too.

2. Forth Bridges

The Herald: The Forth Bridge at sunset.

Forth railway bridge, pic Andrew Briggs

Take in the sunrise or sunset whilst strolling across the old Forth Road Bridge, with the full drama of the rail and the Queensferry Crossing on either side.

3. Lyle Hill, Greenock

The Herald: THIS specacular view of the Clyde at sunset from Lyle Hill was taken by Rab Carswell..

Clyde at sunset from Lyle Hill, image: Rab Carswell

Just doon the watter for Glaswegians, is the perfect viewpoint for a sunset at the Cross of Lorraine on Lyle Hill in Greenock. Views across to Kilcreggan, Helensburgh and Dunoon as well as Gourock bay.

4. Conic hill, Stirlingshire

The Herald: Loch Lomond from Conic Hill

On the West Highland Way, and with stunning views over Loch Lomond, this is just about the right size of hill to climb if you want your sunrise whilst hiking a mountain - start at first light, and be aware there are steep sections and the entire walk takes 2-3 hours.

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5. Calanais, Lewis

These standing stones are often a sunrise destination for solstice lovers. Many have heard the legend the 'shining one' who according to local legend walks up the avenue on the midsummer dawn.

6. Cathkin Braes, Glasgow

Head to the top of Queen Mary's Seat and watch the sun going down with the entire city of Glasgow sprawled before you. Is there a more glorious way to end the day?

7. Unst, the Shetland Islands

The further north you go, the longer the light lingers, so it makes sense that when we think of midsummer, we think of Shetland, and of Unst, the northernmost inhabited part of the British Isles. There is even a special word for the light at that time of year: simmer dim. This beautiful Shetland term describes not a place, but a time of year, or more precisely a phenomenon, the twilight that hangs in the sky through the midsummer nights, even as the sun has set just below the horizon.