A llama has been found wandering alone in an Aberdeenshire field, prompting an appeal from the Scottish SPCA.

The South America-hailing animal was spotted "running around a 20-acre field" behind a property near new Pitsligo on Thursday.

The Scottish SPCA was called out and is now seeking the owner of the long-necked mammal. 

However, the llama has evaded capture from the animal charity since its discovery. 

Animal rescue officer Debbie Gibson said: “We went out to investigate and found the llama but they were very nervous and difficult to catch.

“We have been in touch with the locals in the area to try and identify the owner but we have had no luck so far."

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She explained that the herd animal will likely be distressed on its own. 

“We have been back out today and the llama is still in the field. Llamas are herd animals so they will likely be quite stressed out by being in the field alone.

“We would like to try and find their owner in the hope they can assist us with catching them.

“If anyone recognises this llama, they should call our confidential helpline on 03000 999 999.”