The Oban ferry terminal became a temporary shelter for stranded travellers after a festival in the Inner Hebrides was cancelled last minute. 

"Extreme" weather prompted organisers of Tiree Music Festival to cancel the event on Thursday night due to safety concerns.

However, the late cancellation meant that many were left stranded. 

While the festival organisers themselves helped find accommodation for campers who were already on the island, CalMac stepped in to assist those stranded in Oban. 

An evening sailing to Tiree from Oban on Thursday was unable to berth due to the weather conditions. 

The terminal building remained open and staffed through the night to shelter more than 100 people, after TMF advised travellers to stay on the ferry and return to the mainland. 

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Robert Morrison, operations director of CalMac, said: “The Tiree Music Festival was cancelled yesterday with MV Clansman half an hour out from the island with 455 passengers onboard.

"Due to the severe weather conditions the vessel was unable to berth in Tiree and returned to Oban last night at 10.30pm."

Due to the late return to Oban, there were no onward public transport options for many of the travellers. 

Port staff arranged for the Royal Hotel Oban to bring duvets and pillows and terminal facilities remained open. 

Refreshments and snacks were also also organised from a local store.

Mr Morrison added: "As soon as we were aware of the situation, the CalMac port team in Oban opened up the terminal building and staffed it throughout the night to ensure all those who were in need of shelter were provided with a safe, warm and dry place to spend the night, as no public transport options were available at that time of night.

"We estimate that between 110 and 120 people required to be accommodated in our Oban terminal building overnight. 

“We supplied passengers with tea, coffee, water and snacks and had the terminal facilities open and available for use.

"The Royal Hotel Oban also assisted by providing duvets and pillows to help the returning travellers have as comfortable a night as possible and the local police were also on hand to provide additional support."

Two sets of staff remained on shift through the night to ensure the safety of those within the building. Police also checked in during the evening. 

The operations director continued: "I want to put on record our thanks to all those who assisted with a difficult situation last night and especially the crew of MV Clansman and Oban port staff, who made sure that all passengers who were caught up in the late cancellation of the Tiree Music Festival, were brought safely back to Oban and made comfortable for the night in our terminal office.

"Our local port team in Tiree will assist and support all affected customers to get back to the mainland as required. 

"I also want to thank our customer engagement and social media staff who worked late to provide information to concerned passengers.”