When entrepreneur DC Singh founded Edinburgh Cashmere in 2014, he wanted to do more than produce woollen apparel. He had the vision to create a brand known the world over as the top manufacturer of 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool pieces for men and women. Nearly a decade later, DC has done just that and so much more.

Now the head of luxury cashmere and lambswool fashion brand Edinburgh Cashmere, DC Singh oversees the production of premium 100% cashmere and lambswool scarves, stoles, capes and blankets.

Yet, this business is just one aspect of DC Singh’s multi-million pound empire. Let’s take a closer look at this king of cashmere and lambswool manufacturing to discover why international investors flock to join his lucrative business ventures.

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DC Singh: Quality Work Ethic

A self-made man, DC Singh is well aware of the hard work and passion necessary to start from nothing and build a company. From humble roots in Punjab, his first business venture gained him the kind of business knowledge only first-hand experience can teach.

Overcoming every obstacle in his way, DC learned valuable lessons about sustaining a profitable business: nothing is more important than dedication to one’s clients and an unwavering focus on high quality.

The Herald:

This integrity and his steadfast work ethic have made DC Singh the highly respected businessman he is today and why international investors and business leaders enjoy working with him.

Top Scottish Brand: Edinburgh Cashmere

When he established Edinburgh Cashmere, DC Singh set his sights on standing out in the centuries-old Scottish cashmere and lambswool industry. From day one, he was determined to maintain the highest level of quality manufacturing using sustainable practices.

Investing in state-of-the-art technology and teaming with expert artisans, DC Singh developed a 35-step production that weaved incredibly lightweight ultrasoft cashmere akin to silk. But this was just the first stage.

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DC then injected his fashion-forward style to develop unique patterns and designs from classic monograms to Scottish-inspired tartan weaves.

DC classic and DC check designs are now instantly recognisable as Edinburgh Cashmere. So it is no surprise that Edinburgh Cashmere became a fashion favourite, featured in international fashion magazines such as GQ, Grazia, Tattler, and Vogue.

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With such renown, DC Singh was able to set up partnerships with high-end fashion brands in the UK, Italy, France, USA and Japan. As DC continues to expand his business, he has also set foot into the world of merchandising with exclusive contracts with Premier League football teams.


Work Hard, Work Smart

DC Singh, the mastermind of numerous successful business ventures, has set his sights on conquering other industries, such as mobile technology, while remaining true to his integrity.

Regardless of the business environment, DC follows good business practices, like always making timely payments. Even during the pandemic, he ensured he had fulfilled his obligations to his team, partners and investors.

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To learn more about DC and his luxury cashmere fashion brand, Edinburgh Cashmere, visit the official online store today and browse his collection.

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