Wasiri Williams knew a move to Partick Thistle was a possibility six months ago. 

Jags boss Kris Doolan had been keeping tabs on the defender, 23, during a loan spell at Dundalk.

However, it wasn't just Doolan or Thistle's offer of a two-year deal that made a move to Glasgow a reality.

For Williams, a far more important consideration was the ability to support his girlfriend who is bravely battling cancer.

The central defender - who has penned a deal at Firhill until 2025 - had cut his loan spell in Ireland short to support his partner after the diagnosis. Now, Williams is planning for a future in Glasgow with his girlfriend due to join him in moving from London in the near future.

“God bless her, I was just speaking to her there," said Williams of his partner. 

“She has good days and she has bad days. The main thing is we are trying to get through it together. 

“Having such a club like Thistle who are willing to help me and my family get through such a difficult situation is important for my mental health. It’s important for me to play well. I travel back to see her and help her when I can.

“Throughout the season she will move up and we will get settled.

“We had a great conversation about it [the move to Thistle]. At the end of the day, football is a short career. You have to live in the moment but also plan for the future.

“Me and my missus want to have kids and for that, we have to be financially stable. We also have to live our years before that comes. Coming to Thistle is part of that.

“She is a brilliant, beautiful girl who has allowed me to keep my head stable. She has assured me that this is a good decision for both of us.

“She is my inspiration. On hard days that come, I’ll definitely think of her and she will help me through them.

“It means so much more knowing that my club, team-mates, and supporters will all be behind me as well."

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Williams departed Swansea upon the expiry of his contract to join Thistle this summer as one of Doolan's first signings.

And he was first aware of interest back in January with the Jags boss watching his progress in the League of Ireland.

“I’ve known about the move since January so it’s been quite a while.

“The interest has always been there and I have been speaking back and forth with the manager.

“The manager was watching my games when I was on loan at Dundalk.

“It’s been in the works for a while so I am happy it’s now gone through.”

While Williams has been aware of Thistle for a while and watched the heartbreaking play-off final defeat, there has perhaps been an element of surprise over the size of the club - quickly realised as he was swarmed by supporters at a meet-and-greet event at Greaves Sports in Glasgow city centre.

“It’s brilliant, I’m very excited," he said. "I had a taste of the fans at Kelty on Tuesday night. They cheered for every tackle, header or pass.

“Meeting them today has been great. For a club that’s in a big city, it’s still such a family club. That allows the players to relax with that kind of backing behind them.

“To hear that 2,000 season tickets have been sold already gives so much motivation to the players to try and get promoted.”

Boss Doolan added of the impressive early season ticket sales: "It's not surprising because if you look at any of the games since I've been back the crowds have been going up and up and up.

"The play-offs really typified that for me, the level of support. You are looking round the stadium and there are 8,000 fans.

"The fan base is there, it's just a matter of getting as many season tickets sold as we can.

"To have sold 2,000 already I think for a club like this is amazing and we are hoping for more.

"We want to get to 3,000 that's the mentality of wanting to get better all the time. And the more we sell, hopefully the more money I get to spend on players and that works back in our favour in terms of what you see on the pitch.

"To get 2,000 is amazing and I know we will get more because I believe in the Thistle fans, I believe they will turn out in numbers like they have done year after year.

"I think we are ahead of schedule in terms of numbers. We want to get to 3,000 and to get to 4,000 because I want the club to get better all the time."