Almost 1,200 homes are being brought back into use to house Ukrainian refugees with the help of a Scottish Government fund.

A total of 14 projects have been provided with £23 million to bring 1,168 homes back into use, offering accommodation to those fleeing to Scotland due to the Russian invasion.

The money came from a £50 million fund that the Scottish Government set up last year, with almost 1,000 Ukrainian nationals already being put up in 450 refurbished homes, according to Government figures.

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The figures come as the contract for a cruise ship in Edinburgh which temporarily housed Ukrainian refugees ended.

The Herald:

Social Justice Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and are determined to do all we can to help those who wish to build their life here in Scotland.

“Our innovative £50 million programme provides a vital lifeline for those fleeing the war by providing long-term and secure accommodation through reclaimed empty homes.

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“I am proud that Scotland has been able to play its part and pleased to see us reach and surpass the crucial milestone of 1,000 homes for displaced Ukrainians.

“We have been able to house hundreds of families and individuals in safe accommodation so far and we will continue to work closely with councils and housing associations as we build on this excellent progress.”

According to the most recent figures, almost 25,000 Ukrainians came to the UK with a sponsor located in Scotland, 20,022 under the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsor scheme.