The Edinburgh Fringe is an exciting celebration of comedy and culture but children can often be overlooked.

Despite this, there are dozens of events not only suitable for kids but also ideal, keeping them entertained for hours.

It can often be very difficult to scour for the right show which is why we have rounded up some of the most unique and interesting ones that are child-friendly.

The best child-friendly shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

Here are some of the best and most interesting child-friendly shows taking place at the Fringe 2023 in Edinburgh.

101 Ways to Annoy Your Parents... And Other Really Old People

This children's comedy show fronted by award-winning kids' comedian Matty Grey is running from August 3 to August 27 and is generally suitable for those aged five and over.

The show runs for 50 minutes with Matty being praised as a "master of children's entertainment".

Find out more about the show on the Fringe 2023 website.

Children's Underground Ghost Show

For something on the spookier side, the Children's Underground Ghost Show might be a good pick with your kids able to explore Edinburgh's past through the souls of those trapped under the city's streets.

Find out more on the Fringe 2023 website.

The Crazy Puppet Magic Show

Running from August 7 to 11 and again from August 13 to 20, The Crazy Puppet Magic Show is a great way to start your day at the Fringe.

The 55-minute-long show, is interactive, getting the kids and the rest of the family involved in all the mayhem and hilarity.

Find out more about the puppet show via the Fringe 2023 website.

Game On: Boss Level

If your child is more interested in video games then this show might be the one for them.

The interactive play follows the main character Matty after he reaches a level no other person in Game Land has reached before - Boss Level.

While trying to make his way home, he will encounter some of the biggest video game characters that your child is sure to know.

Find out more on the Fringe website.

Mog The Forgetful Cat

The show can be found on the Fringe 2023 website.

Judith Kerr's Mog The Forgetful Cat has been adapted for the stage by The Wardrobe Ensemble at Underbelly in Bistro Square.

Described by The Guardian as "a miaow-vellous musical treat", the show's description reads: "Mog is a very forgetful cat. She forgets that she has a cat flap, she forgets that she's already eaten her supper, and she forgets that cats don't have eggs for breakfast every day. Bother that cat! But Mog's forgetfulness can come in handy..."

The show runs from August 3 to 15, August 17 to 20 and again from August 24 to 27.