Alba Party leader Alex Salmond visited the Wyndford estate in Glasgow on Saturday as residents campaign to save tower blocks from demolition.

The four towers are to be razed and replaced by 300 new homes,with owners Wheatley Group planning to invest £73 million.

Members of the Wyndford Residents Union have been fighting the plans, believing that retrofitting the existing buildings would be the 'greener' option.

In addition, it has been suggested that refugee families could be housed there rather than in hotels such as the Muthu in Erskine.

On Saturday they were joined by the former First Minister, who is backing the campaign to save the tower blocks.

Mr Salmond said: "I think the great housing reformer John Wheatley must be burlin’ in his grave at Dalbeth cemetery at the idea of the unnecessary demolition of 600 units of social housing and above all at the tone deaf response of local politicians to the residents. On the basis of this performance in Maryhill, the Wheatley Group should immediately change its name.

The Herald: EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 24: Alex Salmond holds a press conference regarding the sexual harassment allegations made against him, at The Champany Inn Linlithgow on August 24, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images).

"I’m proud to lead a party that so far has listened to the concerns of this community, as evidenced by a motion passed at our National Council last year. ALBA oppose the plans to bulldoze the flats against the views of local people.

“This is the 59th Wee ALBA Book meeting we have held in little more than a year. These meetings are all about independence and how we advance the cause. If we want to see an independent Scotland, we must start speaking and, more importantly, listening to people, which is why we host these events around Scotland.

“There is a growing feeling in society at the moment that politicians simply aren’t listening, whether that be at Westminster, Holyrood or indeed at local level as demonstrated by the boorach we have in Wyndford.”

Laura Jones of the Wyndford Residents Union said: "Since November 2021 it was obvious that, to reverse the decision of this huge company, we in the Wyndford would need political allies.

"That's why we wrote to every councillor and MSP for the city for the city and repeatedly sought support from government ministers, from the housing minister to the refugee minister, to stress that in the homelessness and housing crisis we need these 600 social homes.

"I even went to parliament to speak to them and when they ignored that I spoke with Patrick Harvie in the street.

"From top to bottom it seems that for politicians of every stripe the Wheatley Group is just too big and too scary to challenge.

"That was until now, when Alex Salmond and his Alba party seem to have seen the justice of our case and offered their support.

"We think this is a key milestone in our campaign and should make other politicians who are asleep at the wheel in this crisis finally stand up and find a spine."

Wheatley Homes told the Herald that 99% of residents had "happily moved out of the tower blocks into much more suitable, attractive and quality homes and communities of their choice".

The social landlord described the flats as "no longer fit for modern day living nor meet the type and quality of housing people have a right to expect and demand" when informing residents of the plans in December 2021.

Wheatley says more than 250 of the new homes will be for social housing, with the rest for affordable housing, and a large number will be much-needed homes for families.