Technical experts have managed to recover messages on Boris Johnson's old phone, meaning there is now no obstacle to them being handed over to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry. 

WhatsApp messages were sent and received by the former prime minister before May 2021 should have been with the official probe last week in order to comply with a High Court ruling.

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However, the device, which was in Mr Johnson's possession could not be accessed. 

He was told to stop using this phone while in office after the Popbitch gossip newsletter revealed that the number had been freely available on the internet for around 15 years.

Mr Johnson's spokesperson said he had been advised to keep his old phone switched off due to security concerns after it was discovered.

However, when he was given the okay to turn it back on, he reportedly could not remember his passcode.

Mr Johnson's spokesman said that he was “pleased that technical experts have now successfully recovered all relevant messages from the device”.

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“As repeatedly stated, he will now deliver this material in unredacted form to the inquiry,” he added in a statement," they added.

“The inquiry process requires that a security check of this material is now made by the Cabinet Office. The timing of any further progress on delivery to the inquiry is therefore under the Cabinet Office’s control.

“It was always the case that Boris Johnson would pass this material to the inquiry and do everything possible to help it be recovered. A careful process approved by the inquiry has been followed to ensure that this was successful.”