Members of the public are being invited to name one of a litter of Arctic fox cubs born at Highland Wildlife Park.

Four girls and a boy were born to mum Sarah and dad Jack 11 weeks ago, and have undergone health checks.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland is asking the public to help with naming one of the cubs - though Foxy McFoxface will not be on the table.

Keepers who care for the fox family have selected three names for one of the females; Storm, Snowdrop and Sami.

The remaining four cubs will be named by RZSS supporters, the charity’s Arctic fox adopters and keepers.

The Herald:

The cubs were born on 7 May 2022 and spent the first several weeks of their life in underground burrows.

Their mother, Sarah was born at Highland Wildlife Park in 2019 and father, Jack, moved from Rostock zoo.

Arctic foxes are now extinct in Scotland but were found here up to the last Ice Age.

Now, the species is found throughout the Arctic region, with Scandinavian animals migrating south to the Baltic coast for the winter.

Typically the foxes are white in winter in order to blend in with the snowy conditions of their natural habitat, but brown along the back with light grey around the abdomen in summer.