Prices for NHS dental treatment are set to increase in Scotland from November, following negotiations between the Scottish Government and dental leaders. 

Many dental surgeries have already closed their lists to new NHS patients and are providing some treatments - such as a scale and polish - on a private-only basis. 

The situation has been blamed for exacerbating NHS waiting list backlogs built up during the pandemic. 

Dentists argue that inflation from staff costs and energy bills coupled with the rising expense of materials mean that the fixed fees they receive in exchange for completing NHS treatment no longer cover their costs. 

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This has been complicated by the increased complexity of patients now compared to pre-Covid due to the levels of decay and other oral health problems which have accumulated.

As a result, many require months of appointments which dentists can only claim for once the full course of treatment is completed. 

As dental practices have cut back on NHS work in order to balance the books, an increasing number of patients are opting to go private in order to been seen and treated more quickly.

However, according to research shared with the Herald by MyTribe Insurance - an independent health insurance monitoring site - the costs of private treatment are also soaring. 

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Here's what they found: 

  • Prices for private dentistry in Glasgow rose by 36% between August 22 and July 23. This was the fastest rate of increase out of the 20 UK towns and cities sampled.
  • Prices in Edinburgh rose by 16% in the same period, compared to a UK average of 15%.
  • Nonetheless, Glasgow remained the second most affordable place in the UK for private dentistry, while Edinburgh was the fifth most affordable.

The survey found that the typical cost of an initial consultation as a private dental patient in Glasgow has climbed from £51 in August 2022 to £63 in July this year, while in Edinburgh the same cost has gone from £69 to £74. 

The Herald: Average private dental treatment prices, GlasgowAverage private dental treatment prices, Glasgow (Image: TribeInsurance)

In Glasgow a white filling - only available privately - has gone from £65 to £95, while in Edinburgh the cost has gone from £66 to £79. 

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A half-hour hygienist appointment typically costs £71 in Glasgow - up from £52.50 in August - while in Edinburgh the price has climbed from £56 to £61. 

The Herald: Average private dental prices, Edinburgh Average private dental prices, Edinburgh (Image: TribeInsurance)

A non-surgical extraction is £92.50 in Glasgow, compared to £63 in August, while in Edinburgh the price has gone from £79.50 to £104.50. 

Root canal treatment on a front tooth has gone from £260 to £335 in Glasgow, and from £310.50 to £359.29 in Edinburgh.