The University of Edinburgh has agreed to end pay deductions for union members taking part in the marking and assessment boycott, with strike action set for September to be cancelled.

The University and College Union is taking part in action short of a strike across the UK in a dispute over pay and conditions, meaning coursework and exams will not be marked by their members.

The action began on April 22, with the UCU stating that many members had been threatened with 50% or even 100% paycuts.

Staff at the University of Edinburgh took strike action in June after 50% deductions were applied, with a further walkout planned for September.

However, the two sides have come together to agree that pay deductions will be paused, effective July 1, with the strike action cancelled.

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A statement issued by Professor Peter Mathieson on behalf of The University of Edinburgh and Sophia Woodman and Cat Wayland on behalf of UCU Edinburgh said: "The University has agreed to pause deductions for those currently taking part in the MAB with effect from 1 July 2023. Deductions up until this date will take place as previously notified unless national agreements supersede this.

"For the avoidance of doubt, deductions will be made from July pay in respect of participation in June, however no deductions will be made in August pay in respect of participation in July.

"This pause will not apply to any new action subsequent to the date of this statement by colleagues who have not previously taken part in the MAB, or who have previously taken part but subsequently ended their participation.

"UCU Edinburgh has agreed that as strike action was called at the University due to the level of deductions, UCU Edinburgh will recommend to members to agree to cancel the strike dates scheduled for September, and not seek authorisation for any further local strike action during the period of the mandate (ending 30th September), except in response to escalation by the University.

The Herald:

"Equally, the University will only review its position for the remainder of this mandate if UCU nationally or locally escalate the dispute. Escalation on both sides is taken to mean acting against either the terms or spirit of this agreement, resulting in further disruption to students.

"This period of relative calm will allow all staff to return to working normally, accepting that some UCU Edinburgh members may only begin to undertake outstanding marking and assessment when the dispute is settled nationally, or the MAB is ended.

"The University and UCU Edinburgh have agreed that UCU Edinburgh will encourage members to prioritise outstanding marking so that this marking will be complete to allow the October exam boards to run smoothly.

"To achieve this goal, line managers will ensure that the appropriate prioritisation of marking is managed within the overall workload of individual members."