HIGH security measures are to be used at Joanna Cherry’s show on the Edinburgh Ffringe to protect her safety and prevent disruption by those opposed to the SNP MP’s gender-critical beliefs. 

After consulting with Police Scotland, the Stand Comedy Club has introduced bag searches and metal detectors for the sell-out event.

The Club has warned people attending on Thursday they may be refused entry unless they submit to the checks and use a baggage store.

Anyone found with items that could be used to disrupt the show, including “weapons, glue, paint, chemicals, loud hailer devices, air horns and banners”, will be barred.

A strict “eviction policy” will also see people ejected for disruptions, "throwing hard objects" at people, or inciting others to behave badly. 

There will be no bar and no alcohol served at the midday performance, only water.

Ms Cherry said it reflected a small but vocal lobby trying to "poison" public discourse and silence opponents.

Ms Cherry appeared on the Fringe last year with comedian Matt Forde without any such measures.

She also took part in Alex Salmond’s new Fringe show The Ayes Have It on Friday evening without incident.

However her show at the Stand has drawn extra attention because the club, ultimately owned by SNP MP Tommy Sheppard, initially cancelled her appearance in May.

Ms Cherry complained she had been axed for “being a lesbian with gender-critical views” after staff said they were not comfortable with her views on transgender issues.

A vocal critic of the Holyrood law on Gender Recognition Reform which would let people change their legal sex through self-ID, Ms Cherry believes “sex is immutable”.

The Edinburgh South West MP,  who vehemently denies being transphobic, was backed by author JK Rowling, who called her treatment “modern McCarthyism”. 

After Ms Cherry, KC, initiated legal action against the Stand for an “unlawful and discriminatory” decision, it backed down and reinstated her show.

Ms Cherry, who has suffered repeated threats to her safety during her political career, said: “A small but vocal lobby are trying to poison our public discourse and silence legitimate debate on important issues. 

“Regrettably they have been given encouragement by some politicians who really ought to know better. 

“The Stand have made a rod for their own back by initially capitulating to this lobby.

“However just as I was pleased when they backtracked on their cancellation of the event and apologised for their unfair and unlawful discrimination against me, after I took legal action, I am happy to have been consulted about the security measures they are taking. 

“That said, I think it’s a disgrace that in modern Scotland a politician should face threats to her safety on account of her sexuality and her feminist beliefs. 

“The debate on gender self-identification is a very important one which must be allowed to take place, but I am a woman of many parts who was engaged to talk about my political life in general and I am looking forward to what I hope will be a wide-ranging discussion

“I understand the event is sold out and I am pleased that the profits will be donated to the Edinburgh Food Project.”

Marion Calder, of the For Women Scotland group, added: “I find it amazing that this is being done when a woman politician is simply talking about her job. Something has gone horribly wrong.

"You would think this is Donald Trump coming to visit. 

“People are entitled not to go if they don’t want to listen.”

The new security plan tells those attending: “All bags larger than a small handbag must be checked into the baggage holding area at the venue, for collection after the show.

“Small bags will be searched, and patrons may be asked to empty their pockets. Metal detectors will also be in operation. Failure to agree to a search of bags or a checking in of bags may result in the ticket holder being refused entry.”

The Stand said those ejected under its eviction policy “will be interviewed and their details will be recorded in the incident log with their full personal details, a photograph (where logistically possible), date and time and the reasons for eviction where appropriate.

“Persons who are to be evicted will need to phone a friend on site to collect their belongings before their eviction as they themselves will not be permitted back into the event.”

In a statement, The Stand said: "Following an external risk assessment and in consultation with Police Scotland, The Stand will employ extra measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved with staging the show and members of the audience.

"Unfortunately, to allow extra bag searches to take place on entrance to the theatre, we have had to close our bar for the hour-long duration of the event which starts at 12 noon on Thursday.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers but clearly we can't compromise on safety for this or any other show.”